December’s White Crush

White is the shade of winter. The color of pure snow on snow capped mountains. The color of light and the opposite of its classic counterpart, black. Culturally, white is commonly associated with holiness, goodness and purity. The perfect color for December, indeed…

The Icelandic word for white is “Hvitur”, derived from the Old Norse form of the word “Hvitr”. Common Germanic used the word “Blankaz”, meaning “White, bright and blinding”. Like the blinding snowfall on a wintry day. The Germanic term is said to have been borrowed from the Late Latin term “Blancus”, which meant simply “White”. White is associated with positivity, brilliance, illumination, faith and purity, among many other connotations that make this cool color of snow, a clean and pure a brilliant color. Like the visual image of the glow of angels clad in white the color white can magically transcend our thoughts to calm and serene moments in time. “White as snow” represents pure, clean and innocence. The phrase “White Knight” represents one who comes to the rescue, a noble representation, indeed. Think “Whiteout” within your surrounds. With white, the potential exists to inject color. Color always changes a space clad in white. Yet white enlarges a space and emphasizes natural light, refining the furniture in the space that it fills. Accessories of white that adorn us seem to blend with the purity of the snow fallen ground that may surround us. Wintry style that coordinates well with the world around us. Layerings from parchment white to cream, the subtleties of white delight with texture and crisp style. Cool, calm and serene yet powerful.

Consider white. An all-white palette adds a wintry spin to our spaces and attire. The elegance of this stark,crisp and yet serene color can provide a clear perspective for our spaces. Let the beauty of winter’s arrival provide a renewal. Personal style with an icy edge. Indeed, white is always right. Ethereal elegance. Classic, sharp and clean. Blanket your spaces and gain clarity with the pure color that seems to clear one’s mind. A fresh perspective as to the present moment, and of course, to the possibilities with the New Year that awaits in the distance…
Life’s beauty surrounds us. Coated in a fresh “blanket of white”. An icy mixture of pureness and sharp contrasts and style. Pure white style, like fresh snow, indeed….


“…Winter is the snow with black silhouettes…”
– Vincent Van Gogh


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