The Embellishment Of Fresh Holiday Greenery

Exterior Embellishments: Holiday Greens

There is nothing quite like the arrival of the Holiday season. Indeed, there is also nothing quite like the addition and embellishment of greenery. Filling our spaces, both interiors and exteriors, with fresh greenery is certainly an adornment that resonates “Holiday”. Seasonal greens add a classic and timeless elegance. Fresh and natural embellishments of pine, spruce, balsam, cedar, junipers, boxwood and holly and countless other additions add to the appeal of the Holidays. Garlands of greenery that wind around banisters and drape around doorways are live decorations of timeless holiday tradition.

And then there is the aroma. Oh, the scent of pine that wafts its magical and transporting scent…
The mere appearance of the addition of greenery paired with the aroma of fresh holiday greenery can certainly not be substituted. “Decking the Halls” with the lush additions of nature’s gifts will create stunning additions to doorways, mantles, staircase banisters and windows. Enhancement with scent of fragrant bliss, the garlands and bundles of striking evergreens bring a hint of the outdoors indoors. Aromatic in scent and rich in Holiday style, there is no limit to how to adorn our spaces stylishly and even effortlessly. Whether elaborate or simple, Holiday cheer in greens becomes an instant embellishment of classic Holiday decoration.

Nature’s Gifts Of Holiday Greens
“Decked” With Fresh Greens: Exterior Greetings Of Holiday Cheer
Interior Embellishments With Fresh Holiday Greens
“Decking The Halls” And Banisters With Holiday Greens
Holiday Flair With Fresh Greens

Consider draping your home, both inside and out, with Holiday greens. A visual “welcome” of the Holidays with greenery. Swags of green that drape our surfaces are sure to delight all. Branches of greens will add texture and interest of seasonal appeal. Create a lasting elegant composition with natural greens. Certainly a gift of nature that will last into the New Year, indeed.

Happy Holidays.



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