Fashion’s Iconic Adornment Of Fur

The Adornment Of Fur: Fashion’s Statement Of Warmth

The adornment of fur. Luxurious Winter warmth of fashionable style
This iconic clothing and accessory of warmth has a history that is said to travel back to the beginning of time. Thought to be among the first garment of bodily decoration, it has been worn throughout history. The Intuit peoples of the Arctic relied on fur almost exclusively for warmth from the elements. The fur trade, the worldwide buying and selling of fur, is said to have been one of the driving forces of exploration in North America and the Russian Far East. Traditional to Russsian, Scandinavian and even Japanese clothing, the history of fur continues onward. In fact, during the first half of the century, in the affluent West, this garment had a tremendous presence. Due to its superior warmth and durability, it is no wonder that fashion would embrace its layer of insulation for its own purposes. Glamour with warmth would unite, indeed.

Although controversy has existed with the fur trade itself, the fashionable history that fur has had cannot be denied. The controversy that surround the trade, however, is not my focus. My focus falls onto the absolute beauty of the garment that has provided not only crucial warmth, but one that has evolved throughout time as an icon of fashion. Fashion will certainly never remove its chic addition of warmth and style from its runways. The mass appeal of this timeless and fashionable garment, with links to sophistication and elegance, will always remain true to its past. Perhaps once representing the height of luxury, an ultimate object of desire, the fur coat still symbolizes a dream of glamour, itself. The height of fashion, indeed. As it is said, nothing keeps you warmer than real fur…

Lustrous Fur Of Female Glamour
Fashion’s Striking Statement Of Fur
Fur Of Warmth & Style
Vintage Elegance: The Adornment Of Fur
Fashion’s Archives Of Fashionable Fur
Fashion’s Vintage Archives Of “Fur”
Exotic Style Of Fashionable Fur
The Embellishment Of Fur

Consider the adornment of fur. Whether the warmth and luxury of real fur or a sumptuous faux, the adornment of “Fur” will always fill fashion’s archives, in style. Never just a trend, but always a classic.



4 thoughts on “Fashion’s Iconic Adornment Of Fur

    1. I completely understand. Compiling these images while understanding the controversy brought many thoughts to my mind as I presented this post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Catalina. The beauty of fur and our ongoing love affair with it will certainly always exist…

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