Icy Brilliance Of Candle Glow: Ice Luminaires

The Elegance Of Ice:  The Ice Luminaire
The Elegance Of Ice: The Ice Luminaire

December 21st, 2012 marks the Winter Solstice and the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. What better way to enter into the Winter Season than with an appreciation for the icy brilliance Winter bestows. The Ice Luminaire. Winter’s delight, indeed…

Ice luminaires are a stunningly elegant and natural way to light up the night. These icy ornaments add wonderment to the exterior during the Winter months when filled with the flickering light of the candles they hold. Imagine the candlelight shimmering inside the crystal vase of ice during the long, dark Winter evenings. Certain to impart a sense of inner peace and appreciation on a cold Winter’s Night.

In the climates where the temperature dips and stays below freezing for weeks at a time, ice luminaires provide a long lasting and beautiful, enchanting focal point to delight in. These ice molds are not difficult to make, and there are many variations in instructions of how to make these vessels of clear crystal and frosted ice. Depending upon size of ice lanterns desired, the options are many, but certainly worth the endeavor. It is limitless as to what can be added to the water mix prior to freezing of these ice candles. Customized style, for certain. Pine boughs, cranberries and twigs are some of the offerings that speak Holiday. But as the Winter lingers on, a pop of bright color with sliced oranges would certainly add a fresh twist to the Winterscape of white. Either embellished or simple icy vessels with candlelight, the ice luminaire will not fail in pleasing all that delight in its beauty. Living in the Midwest, we have the benefit of dwelling in the beauty of their icy glow with Winter’s arrival of white…

Lighting Up The Night With Ice Luminaires
Lighting Up The Night With Ice Luminaires

Consider embellishing your exterior and pathways or add drama to a front entry with the icy appeal of ice luminaires filled with candlelight. Their showy presence will certainly originate interest and delight passerby’s as well as guests at your next Holiday or Winter gathering! Winter beauty at its best, indeed….

And….Cheers to the arrival of Winter!



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