100 “Thanks” To My First 100 Followers!

“100” Thanks To “HOUSE APPEAL” Followers!

100. Oh, the symbolism of the number one-hundred. A number described as “individualizing the part of a whole, which is itself only the part of a greater totality”. Ten 10’s. More than ninety.

That said, it is with gratitude and appreciation that I acknowledge my first 100 followers. Those that have followed my blogging journey that began in January of this year, I applaud. Whether you have “Followed” since the beginning or only recently, you have provided me with further inspiration to create and assemble visual compilations and hopefully deeper insight and appreciation into those things that may inspire. My goal since the beginning has centered around sharing my Ponderings And Inspirations To Living A Beautiful Life. Thank you for those that have shared thoughts regarding the subjects of my posts, as I truly appreciate your insights and personal connection.

Life is meant to be shared. I am humbled by your interest and willingness to allow me to fill your “inbox” with those shared ponderings and inspirations. The opportunity to possibly inspire others through a blog is a gift to me, indeed. Thank you to my first 100 followers and to those that may simply return now and then or that simply stumble upon my blog…

Cheers to you!


“Worldwide Thanks”

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