Visions Of Gold: “Gilded” Interior Inspirations

Interior Elements Of "Gilded" Style
Interior Elements Of “Gilded” Style

“Gilded” inspirations. The allure of interiors layered in decoration of golden hue is timeless and seasonless…

The definition of the word “Gild” is “To cover with or as if with a layer of gold” and “To give an often deceptively attractive or improved appearance to”. Of interest, it is also described as “To adorn unnecessarily something already beautiful” or “To make superfluous additions to what is already complete”. Very interesting, indeed. Who knew? Taken from the Middle English word “Gilden” and from the Old English word with Indo-European roots, “Ghelden”, the word “Gild” or “Gilded” also references “Having the deep, slightly brownish color of gold” and “Long aureate (or golden) hair”, “A gold carpet”, gilt, golden, aureate and gold. In addition, the process of “Gilding”, the smooth and rhythmical art that involves lifting delicate gold leaf paper and layering it is its own art form. The focus on “Gilded” interiors, however, is the appreciation and allure of golden hue itself. It is the chromatic sense of “Gilded Gold”, characterized by the hue, that my attention falls upon…

The visual reference of rooms that have an elegant inclusion of something “gilded” or “gilt” in a golden hue are the inspiration of “visions of gold”. Adding a “Gilded” object to an interior space, whether unexpected or expected, an element of “gilded” decor not only suggests a luxurious, grand and rich display, but an opulent embellishment of timeless style. Sumptuous gold. Oh, the elegance of the gilded object. Stately and divine. Extravagant luxury in a metallic luster of gold. Luxe embellishments that add to an interior’s appeal. Classic and timeless worth its princely sum. “Worth its weight in Gold”, for certain.

The Luxe Embellishment Of "Golden" Hue
The Luxe Embellishment Of “Golden” Hue
"Golden" Adornment Within The Interior
“Golden” Adornment Within The Interior
"Gilden" Embellishment
“Gilden” Embellishment
"Gilded" Inspirations
“Gilded” Inspirations
Adorned With "Gold"
Adorned With “Gold”
"Gilded" Inspirations, Vouge/Chanel &Kate Moss
“Gilded” Inspirations, Vouge/Chanel &Kate Moss

Consider incorporating “gilded” style into your interiors. Whether it is a subtle, yet grand focal point in a room or an unexpected “wow”, there is an element of “gilded” style that can embellish and adorn any interior. Whether hammered, polished, “brassy” or antiqued metal of golden hued glory or an object in “golden” tone, the irresistible sleekness of golden shine will add warmth to our interior spaces. Architectural details, lighting and objects of design can all enhance a “gilded” appeal throughout an interior. Remember, there is always the “5th Wall”, too. Oh, the allure of the “gilded” ceiling…
Life is a “Golden Opportunity” to be embellished and “gilded” in elegance. “Gilded” with elegance and style, indeed.


“The Golden Age is before us, not behind us”- William Shakesphere


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