City Inspirations: Chicago In January

January In Chicago 2013

To walk the streets of Chicago in January is to experience the winter winds that embark upon the city that wraps around Lake Michigan.  To encounter a sudden surge of snow that quickly begins to assail your face in a sideward direction, you forge onward onto the streets that are lined with luxury and architectural jewels.  Worth the chill, indeed.

Chicago in January.  Inspiration abounds.  Behind the lens…


And…of the images below of myself, camera in hand? Captured, unbeknown to me, by my inspired husband. A camera of his own in hand. Life is certainly filled with spontaneous inspirations. Photographs are, indeed, visions to be recalled.

Inspiration Behind My Lens...
Inspiration Behind My Lens…

Kristin Paglialong


4 thoughts on “City Inspirations: Chicago In January

    1. Thank you so much, Johnathan! I truly appreciate your comments. Part of the thrill of taking a slew of photographs is selecting and compiling those that represent the moment of inspiration. Cheers to your future shopping excursion in Chicago! Spring and Summer in Chicago are blissful. Warmer days ahead…

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