One year. What began as a goal to share inspirations and ponderings to living a beautiful life has become a source of continual enjoyment for me. The blog that shares inspirations and my thoughts towards the goal of creating and living a beautiful life is certainly a gift to me of personal expression. Paramount in living life, indeed. My mantra has been to choose to live with an appreciation and joy for the elements that comprise our lives. Daily or paramount events and inspirations that surround us. Our interior world, our exterior world, our wardrobes, events of our lives and the magnificent things that exist in our world. This blog has been an interesting excursion for me to undertake and discover where my personal inspiration derives from. Inspiration is certainly everywhere! To those of you that may be pondering beginning the same journey, alas, I say “Blog On”.

For me? One year later, over 20,000 views from 138 countries and 120 followers. Who knew? I surely did not when I embarked on this journey. For those that have joined me on this journey, thank you. For those that stumble upon my journey, welcome. I hope you enjoy perusing “HOUSE APPEAL”.


The Inspirational Visual Of Encouragement...
The Inspirational Visual Of Encouragement…

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