Distinctive Aroma And Appeal: The Sublime “Cup Of Coffee”

Distinction Of Flavor:  Coffee
Distinction Of Flavor: Coffee
Daily Enchantment Of Dark Roasted Strength
The Daily Enchantment Of Dark Roasted Strength

Coffee. That heavenly brewed beverage of distinctive aroma and flavor. The appeal and allure of the dark brew. The start of my day. A morning requirement, indeed…

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. It is no wonder. The “Coffea plant”, with its seed (or “Cherries”) that grow on its small evergreen bush, is cultivated in over 70 countries but primarily in equatorial Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa. The two most commonly grown and most highly regarded are the “Coffea Arabica” and the “Robusta” form of the hardy “Coffea Canephora” plant. Of note, it is said that “Green” (Unroasted) coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Who knew? But pitter-patter goes my heart for the ripened “berries” that are roasted to varying degrees to produce the desired flavor of perfection before being ground to one’s brewing standards of perfection. A gift of nature, indeed. The preparation and presentation of coffee could certainly be considered an art. What we can all agree upon, on a daily basis, is that the slightly acidic brew certainly provides a stimulating effect on us. Alas, caffeine. The caffeine content in coffee is perhaps a draw to those of us awakening our senses in the early hours of morning’s dawn. But beyond this attraction and allure, the deep love for the taste of this dark brew is my focus of appreciation. The sublime “cup of coffee”

Nature's Gift Of The Coffee Bean
Nature’s Gift Of The Coffee Bean

The first reference to “Coffee” in the English language dates to 1598 in the form of the word “Chaoua”. In English and other European languages, coffee derives from the Ottoman Turkish “Kahve”. The Turkish word, borrowed from the Arabic “Gahwah”, a verb that signified “to have not appetite”, as this beverage of dark, bold strength was thought to dull one’s hunger. Alas, quite the opposite, but that certainly does not stifle my desire to acquire the dense “Cup-O-Joe” on a daily ritualistic basis. The history of the cultivation of coffee began in Southern Arabia. In fact, evidence exists that coffee drinking appeared in the middle of the 15th century in Yemen. In fact, in Yemen and East Africa, coffee is said to have created controversy when it was used in native religious ceremonies that caused competition with the Christian Church. As a result, its secular consumption was banned by the Ethiopian church until the reign of a new Ethiopian Emperor began (Emperor Menelik II). This brew was also banned in Ottoman, Turkey, during the 17th century based on its associations with rebellious political activities in Europe. Again, who knew a cup of coffee could possess such a history? This brew of dark glory certainly had a rough beginning making an indelible mark of distinction to the world! From Ethiopa the beverage was introduced into the Arab world through coffee seeds with traders from Egypt and Yemen. These smitten traders returned to their homeland to cultivate theses berries that offered so much taste and delight. Eventually, it was “smuggled” out of the Middle East from Yemen to India in 1670. In fact, by the 16th century, coffee had reached the rest of the Middle East, including Persia, Turkey and northern Africa. Coffee quickly spread to Italy and the rest of Europe, Indonesia and to the Americas. Of further interest, it is said that it was the thriving trade in Venice, Italy, that brought its introduction to the rest of Europe. Coffee became widely accepted after it was deemed a “Christian beverage” by Pope Clement VIII in 1600. Yet again, who knew? The Dutch East India Company was the first to import coffee on a large scale in the 1700’s. Through this, England took hold of coffee’s allure, as well. Oxford’s infamous Queen’s Lane Coffee House was established in 1654 (still serving this delectable brew today!). France also became enamored with coffee’s power. In 1657, Austria and Poland followed the distinctive aroma’s course of infiltration after the Battle Of Vienna when coffee was captured from the defeated Turks. Alas, the power of history. When coffee arrived in North America during the Colonial period, its popularity and demand heightened further when tea from Britain was temporarily cut-off after the War of 1812. The scarcity of tea gave rise to the American’s taste for coffee. In fact, the high demand that embarked for the allure of the unique aroma and flavor of this dark brew rose during the American Civil War paired with advances in brewing technology. Indeed, coffee was a secured morning commodity in the United States (Interestingly, the consumption of coffee actually decreased in England as the British dedication to tea became its unvarying form of drink perference. Tea is certainly to be revered (that is perhaps another discussion). The history of coffee, however, and its aroma and fine bouquet of scent and its refined taste that traveled through the world that craved it goes beyond what is mentioned here. For those that are intrigued to dig deeper into the importance of this plant and its gift of its yield, I encourage you onward! For me, the appreciation of this drink of intensity is a daily experience that ends in an empty mug (or two…). Drained of the liquid that it held with steaming delight, my love affair with this cup of distinctive aroma and flavor, the esteemed “Cup Of Coffee” continues onward. Daily…

Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print
Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print
Daily Pleasures:  The Stimulating Allure Of Coffee
Daily Pleasures: The Stimulating Allure Of Coffee
My Favorite Moment With The  Cup Of Dark Delight:  Paris, France 1997
My Favorite Moment With The Cup Of Dark Delight: Paris, France 1997

And of the chair of perfection from which to perch while reveling in appreciation of drinking the perfectly brewed libation of dark color and intense flavor? Why, the woven “Bistro Chair”, of course. Sharing with you my favorite memory with a memorable espresso in Paris, the photographed image I captured from behind the lens, continually takes me back to a glorious moment. Oh, the taste. I recall it well. Intense, bold and absolutely memorable. And in regard to these chairs that await those passerby’s with anticipation? I adore these chairs (In fact, so much so that I have already expounded upon them in a past blog- “April in Paris- The Bistro Chair”/April of 2012). The Bistro chairs are iconic in the visual image of cafe perfection. Certainly, the French have an inside understanding of the perfect cup of “coffee” and how to enjoy it. In fact, European coffee and its standards have also been upheld in the United States (and the world). That is for certain. The quest for finding and appreciating these coffee houses can be considered a daily and lifelong obsession by many. Oh, the allure of the excellence of coffee! Endless desire and continual appreciation of the exclusive taste of the dark brew...

Classic “Cafe” Seating: The Bistro Chair
Coffee & The “Cafe”: A Love Affair
The Roasted Appeal Of Coffee: A Part Of The “Daily Grind”

Oh, the energizing effect and sublime taste of coffee. Glorious taste paired with a jolt or boost of energy, indeed. No matter how you prefer this brew of boldness, however it is poured, it certainly deserves our appreciation. This fragrant liquid that those of us require and in some way simply adore, could admittedly be considered an ongoing love affair. I will admit it. I am in love, indeed...


Myself. Sublimely “In Love” With Coffee
This Morning, With Love From Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans/Morning Coffee During Travels To The French Quarter.  Captured Delight.
Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans/ Morning Coffee (and Beignets)/During Travels To The French Quarter. Captured Delight.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kristin! Thrilled you have enjoyed this “Ode” to coffee- one more reason to appreciate that delicious cup of coffee, perhaps! Enjoy your moment with your beverage of heavenly Bliss as you delightfully blog onward- “Bliss At Home”, indeed!!!

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