Interior Inspirations: Elegance In Pink Hues

Pink:  A Hue Of  Elegance & Romance
Pink: A Hue Of Elegance & Romance

Pink. That alluring color often referred to as the “Universal Color of Love”. A love association, indeed. Considered a color with a mere tint of red, the variations of pink hues lie between red, white and magenta. Shades of pink. Variations of choice, for certain.

The latin word for the color “pink”, “Roseus” was first recorded in the late 17th century. “Rosa”, meaning “rosy” or “pink”, is the word for pink in most Indo-European languages. The name “Pink” is said to reference the flowers called “Pinks” from the genus Dianthus. The name is also thought to have derived from the frilled edge of the flowers themselves. The term “to pink” or “decorate with a preforated or punch pattern” is linked to the German word “Pinken” (to peck). Who knew? Interesting that this word still references the hand tool of the pinking shears. History’s link with the color pink and its associations are varied. However, this rose hue of varying shades has quite a history of uniting it to the appeal of the feminine side. Yet pink is a color that should not be limited to only the woman. Its versatility in creating interest within interiors is timeless. That said, I say, own it. Pink is an attitude. Unexpected interiors in a bold layer of brilliant pink or muted shades of a gentle hued pale pink provides a stunning palette of color within the interior. Stylish when used as an accent color or when drenching an interior in its shades of delight. Splashes of bright and vivid magenta or “Hot Pink”, tones of “pale pink”, “blush pink” or “salmon pink” will create a stylish and elegant, alluring interior appeal. Like graceful pink blossoms the color pink lifts one’s spirits. A lighthearted color of happiness, perhaps. Delicate and soft hues that add a calm and demure element or a strong shift of bold energy in its brightest hue. The elegance of the pink hue within the interior speaks for itself…

Soft & Sweet Elegance:  The Allure Of Pink
Soft & Sweet Elegance: The Allure Of Pink
Indulgence In Vibrant Hue:  The Bold Addition Of Fuschia "Pink"
Indulgence In Vibrant Hue: The Bold Addition Of “Shocking” Pink

Perhaps a focus on the color “Pink” within the interior deserves a spotlight onto iconic Italian fashion Designer, Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973). In the mid 1930’s Schiaparelli ushered in her “Signature color” she appropriately called “Shocking Pink”. This vivid and energetic hue layered a new color of style with Schiaparelli’s fashionable designs that adorned women. “In The Pink” could certainly describe the fascination and attraction that Schiaparelli introduced to fashion and the world. Described to be more on the magenta side of the hue, the introduction of this “Shocking Pink” is nonetheless worthy of our reflection. Schiaparelli described pink as “life-giving, like all the light and the birds and fish in the world put together, a color of China and Peru but not of the West”. Yet, perhaps. Between the two World Wars, alongside Schiaparelli’s greatest rival, Coco Chanel, Schiaparelli is also regarded a prominent fashion designer of that time period. Although her designs are said to have been influenced by Surrealists such as her collaborators Salvador Dai and Alberto Giacometti, her gift of “Shocking Pink” adds a distinction of the gift of color in timeless hue to the world of fashion. And like fashion and style, the world of interior design would forever be impacted. Alas, fashion and interior design are always united in a merge of style.

Italian Fashion Designer, Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973)  & Her Signature Color: "Shocking Pink"
Italian Fashion Designer, Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973) & Her Signature color: “Shocking Pink” (Model/Photographed In Schiaparelli By Steven Meisel/Vouge 2012)

Consider the color pink within the interior. Whether muted or bright, the approach to pink within the interior could be considered a sense of personal attitude. An unexpected hue that adds interest, for certain. The color palette of pink offers a varied display that can soothe or excite the emotions. Accentuating with bright pinks or layering with soft and delicate pastels in pink hues, the romance and charm cannot be denied in either variation. The array of the shades of pink certainly showcase the delicate and playful nature of the hue. Oh, to be “Tickled Pink”. Like a blush of the cheek in amorous adoration. A lovely feeling, indeed.


“I believe in pink.” – Audrey Hepburn

“Pink is the navy blue of India.” -Diana Vreeland

"Pink" Inspiration From India
“Pink” Inspiration From India

5 thoughts on “Interior Inspirations: Elegance In Pink Hues

    1. It is so interesting how our tastes and preferences evolve in time. Pink is really an elegant color when removed from its association to “bubble gum” pink of youth! The color has certainly has “grown up” and met with my approval, too. Thanks for sharing, Konstantina!

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