City Inspirations: Chicago In February

Chicago In February

Yesterday, on a cold and windy morning (of course) and a day after a significant snowfall bestowed a magical affect on the city and the surrounding suburbs, I ventured into the city I adore…Chicago. After daydreaming on a train ride while watching the Winter wonderland pass swiftly before my eyes, trees laden with heavy snow and a world of white drifts and blanketed towns, I was already inspired before exiting the train. Gray skies and sporadic snowflakes that hit my face like ice could not sway my love for this venture. I continually gain energy and excitement for life every time I enter these streets of the city that holds my heart. Truly. It is the City I met my husband in. Having lived in the city, a mere express bus outside my studio apartment on Lake Shore Drive (“pitter patter goes my heart” as I recall the view of lake from my window’s perch…), I would daily be transported to the world of luxury at the beginning of Michigan Avenue’s prime. At the time, I worked at Bloomingdales (900 N. Michigan Avenue) in the colorful & “magical” land of cosmetics (Lancome, to be specific. And, for the record, my love for lipstick is enduring…). Oh, the walks I took! Soaking in the merchandising through “Window display” and the stunning “Architecture” was a revitalizing, daily experience of appreciation for me. Enamored, indeed. My love affair had been secured, years ago, with the City by the lake.

So it is, I return often, seeking inspiration and appreciation. And for further inspiration for February, the “Month of Love”? My course was set through the streets laden with salt and Winter slush. And my destination before journeying and wandering back to the train that returns me back to my rural, charming Victorian setting, 90 miles North of Chicago? Why, Chanel’s windows, of course. An adventure to Chicago would not be complete, for me, without viewing the changing display of artistry behind the windows of Chanel. A pastime for me, indeed…

Chanel Boutique, 935 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

And of the inspiration and sheer excitement gained when approaching and absorbing the Chanel windows? Utter delight. Elegant window artistry at its best. Inspired am I, as always, with black and white. Iconic, like the emblem that represents the timeless logo of Chanel. The inspiration storyboard behind Chanel’s window? A Spring-Summer Haute Couture Show 2013 visual that follows Chanel’s storyboard entitled “Public Garden” directed by Karl Lagerfeld and filmed at the gardens of the Rodin Museum in Paris (“Public Garden”/Directed By Karl Lagerfeld For Chanel). Day One. Day Two. (And Day Three). In Chanel. Inspiring, indeed.

Chicago In February
Chicago In February

To walk the streets of Chicago in February? One may surely stumble upon signs of warning, a slushy mix of snow and water, gray skies or bitter winds or perhaps a shocking blue sky with an unexpected warmth that joins it’s arrival. Yet whatever weather conditions one endures, a venture into the city that stands next to Lake Michigan is a gratifying journey, for certain.

Chicago holds the key to my heart, indeed.



2 thoughts on “City Inspirations: Chicago In February

  1. A wonderful city! Shaun and I rented in Lake Bluff while he worked in Great Lakes Naval Base. We’d hop on the train to Chicago, iPod on, enjoying the ride, holding hands. Although we lived there just under a year, I wouldn’t mind moving back. The awesome city, dog preserves and thrifting made up for the needles to the skin effect from the winter wind or the sticky summer.

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