Behind The Lens: Life In Focus

Composing Life:  Through The Lens
Composing Life: Through The Lens

Life in focus. Perhaps life can be compared to the art of photography. We are like the photographer who peers through the lens, bringing an image intended to capture into focus. Capturing everyday moments, a daily documentation of small details or grand details. Those things in life that impact our life…

In the language of the photographer’s world, it is about the depth of field that you are capturing. Setting the aperture to choose the shutter speed. Whether using a wide angle lens or a telephoto lens, the sharpness of view will determine the picture quality intended to capture. Indeed, like the photographer, life through our lens should not be blurred, but vivid renderings of the life we intend to create. Perhaps rethinking what we focus on. I strongly agree with the phrase “What we focus on expands”. Focus is key. And of the photographs we take while looking through the lens? Reflections and recollections of what our life is and what it represents captured in images. But of today? Images of inspiration through our lenses? For certain. Each passing day, life as we see it. Perception is reality. Composing the image that meets our personal satisfaction and savoring life intensely while doing so. If a photographer is trained to “Freeze the frame of life in order to convey a story”, so too, are we, when we peer through the lens. In some instances, a photographer is said to manipulate reality. Interesting. But what we focus on in life, however, becomes our reality. In the world of visual arts, the basic techniques of photography can be described as “Finding the angles, the theoretical background behind setting up a scene to photograph, using lighting & different types of lenses, cameras and creative techniques that enhance the final outcome”. These techniques showcase how to properly use a camera and creatively interpret and create a stunning image. And of photography in relation to how we live and what we see behind the lens of our own camera? Our own life? Bring it into Focus. Clarity. Knowing what we desire to create and a determination to bring that reality into focus. Yet of key in that journey is the enjoyment along the way. Seize the moment. From behind the lens…

Releasing The Shutter:  Seizing The Moment In Our Lives
Releasing The Shutter: Seizing The Moment In Our Lives
Shots Of LIfe:  Images We Compose Through The Lens
Shots Of LIfe: Images We Compose Through The Lens

To focus on life and the images of life from behind the lens, I would like to share the writing excerpts of photographer Matthew Ferrara:

“Insights come in ordinary moments……. We live in an era of abundance, for which we’re grateful for the opportunities of modern technology. Yet we’re increasingly stressed, overwhelmed, under-rested and distracted- as the endless array of attention-grabbers beep at us…. We must all respond. To update. To upgrade. To announce. To express. To contribute. To engage. To exist in multiple virtual dimensions, and in none at all. Even my camera plays this trick on me. Twenty years ago, my Nikon 2000 had a single focal point in the lens. Align the two halves and your image was in focus. Today, my D7000 has 39 focal points…That’s the paradox. Modern technology can focus on 39 things at once, but does it follow that so can we?….
I take my camera everywhere because it helps me slow down in an otherwise rushed schedule. I stop to look around me, when I know I should be thinking of other things: It’s a struggle…. I can’t keep track any more….I just missed a shot. Life is about taking shots. Not all of them will be great. But you can’t take any shots if you’re not looking thru your lens. Patient and persistent and prepared to seize the moment. Using all 39 points of your tools and skills to improve your chances of success. But ultimately its up to you to release the shutter. We often look ahead and imagine ourselves in the future. We then try to set up the conditions for success. We adjust our stops, speed and sensitivity. We make a few practice tries…and then….something happens. Things start ringing, flashing and whizzing into view. We return to the tempest, our view buffeted everywhere. We risk losing our focus….Somehow, the solution isn’t to organize the overwhelming. It’s to get into focus. To select the frame and concentrate. To choose the people, places and things that will contribute to the big picture. To compose the shots we want to take in our lives.” – Matthew Ferrara

Matthew Ferrara, The KCM Crew
Matthew Ferrara, The KCM Crew
For The Love Of Capturing Images...
For The Love Of Capturing Images…And A Life In Focus…

Mastering the art of framing an image, shooting it and creating the art of life itself. Composing life. One image at a time. Don’t miss a shot. The frame within the viewfinder is yours to select. Our choice. Our life from behind the lens. Every day is our shot of a lifetime. Remember the principle , “what we focus on expands”. A life in focus. An evolving process yet certainly an inspiration to others. Don’t lose focus. And if you do, simply regain clarity. Your choice. Your life. From behind the lens…


Myself. "Behind The Lens"
Myself. “Behind The Lens”

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are”- Ernst Haas

“There is a vast difference between taking a picture and making a photograph”- Robert Heinecken

“Large or small, our actions forge our futures, hopefully inspiring others along the way”- Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO


8 thoughts on “Behind The Lens: Life In Focus

    1. Thrilled to provide you with advice you plan to use, Konstantina!
      Remember, however, that it is always a process and that we are always evolving! May you gain a keener eye as you compose the shots through your lens…!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I appreciate your compliment. I suppose it is about the “eye”…presenting what one envisions to inspire. That is where I derive such enjoyment in sharing with this blog. I will certainly visit the site-it sounds very interesting. Life should be presented with a positive portrayal. Thanks for sharing!

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