Natural Arrangements Of Green: “Moss” Within The Interior

Nature's Appeal:  "Faux" Green Moss
Nature’s Appeal: Green “Moss”

The softening layer of the vibrant color and texture of “Moss”….
Oh, the depth and richness of color that moss provides! Lush green in natural form. A burst of sublime color when included as an natural element of decoration within the interior. Of interest, “Moss Green” is a color tone of green that is said to resemble moss. The first recorded use of “Moss Green” as a color name in English was in 1884. Certainly, a history of this hue’s appeal has continued onward. The appeal of moss and its rich color has not faded, but has remained a distinctively bold, yet soothing and timeless color. And of the actual moss that the color refers? A majestic and glorious addition to decorate our spaces while anticipating the arrival of the Spring and Summer Seasons or as a natural element that provides visual enjoyment and color throughout the year.

Botanically, mosses are non-vascular plants in the land plant division Bryophyta. A flowerless and rootless plant that provides a visual calming effect, these small (only a few centimeters tall) herbaceous (non-woody) plants absorb water and nutrients mainly through their leaves while “harvesting sunlight” and creating life through photosynthesis. Harvesting sunlight, indeed. Perhaps moss can become a visual reminder of the sunshine that will spill onto our surrounds with Spring’s arrival. These elements of nature, that require a shady, moist location to encourage growth, are elements that often attract our attention when found in nature. We can all imagine the coolness of the moss when found in its natural environment. The soft, carpet-like appeal of this natural and moist element of nature is visually tranquil and alluring. A tuft of velvet in texture, “Moss” is certainly to be appreciated out of its element…

"Moss":  Botanical Herbaceous Plants Of Green Allure
“Moss”: Botanical Herbaceous Plants Of Green Allure

The incorporation of a form of this element into our interiors can make a stunning impact when a needed reminder of Spring beckons. The blending of “Moss Green” elements of nature in a sophisticated and effortless display provides a surge of inspiration through its color and natural form. Reminders of the Seasons where the world around us grows. The growing season is certainly ahead. Why not add the varieties of green hued shades of Moss? Delight in the color and saturation of intensity in shades of green that “moss” offers by adding elements of green into your interior.

"SUPERMOSS" Moss Balls:  100% Natural Moss
“SUPERMOSS” Moss Balls: 100% Natural Moss

“Supermoss” refers to moss balls made from 100% natural moss. These distinctive spheres of hand-crafted moss are stunning additions within the interior. Fresh and perhaps an unexpected form of decor, the round spheres of organic appeal are certain to bring the awakening of the world outside us within our interiors. Lush green balls in graduating sizes, covered in dramatic display of geometric greenery with moss are perfect additions of natural style…

Reindeer Moss:  Tufted Lichen Of Nature
Reindeer Moss: Tufted Lichen Of Nature

“Reindeer Moss” is described as a gray, erect, tufted lichen (Cladonia Rangiferina) that forms extensive patches in the Arctic and north-temperate regions. Constituting as a large part of the food of the Caribou (who knew?), it is also referred to as “Reindeer Lichen”. Bursts of dyed “moss green” color of this natural “Reindeer Moss” provides a perfect addition of color and texture with a botanical display of green allure

Color & Texture:  "Faux" Moss & Reindeer Moss
Color & Texture: “Moss” & Reindeer Moss
"Super Moss"  Balls  & "Moss" Of Bright Green Style
“Super Moss” Balls & “Moss” Of Bright Green Style
Thoughts For The Arrival Of The Growing Season....
Thoughts For The Arrival Of The Growing Season….

March has arrived. As the world around me remains white and snowflakes are still gently falling from the Wintry sky, I yearn for the color green and those natural elements that represent it. Spring will arrive, and the embellishments of green moss within the interior will serve as a visual reminder. In fact, “seasonless” reminders. And within my interior? Natural Arrangements of Green, of course. “Moss” arrangements. Sublime style, indeed.



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