Flowing Elegance Of Graceful Adornment: The Enchantment of Tulle

The Timeless Elegance of "Tulle"
The Timeless Elegance of “Tulle”
The Graceful Ballerina:  Layered In Tulle
The Graceful Ballerina: Layered In Tulle

In appreciation of a fabric. The flowing elegance and beauty of “Tulle”
Perhaps the fabric of fairy tales with its ethereal quality, the fine weave of netting creates a ‘dreamy’ appearance that seems to float and glide effortlessly when gracing the woman it adorns

Tulle (English pronunciation:”Tool”), is termed a “lightweight, very fine netting, which is often starched”. This fine mesh net fabric is typically made of fibers such as silk, rayon or nylon. Of course, associated with its primary use for ballet tutus or gowns (alas, the wedding gown and the wedding veil), the appreciation of this ‘fabric’ that adorns the woman is certainly worthy of appreciation in and outside of those traditional realms. A fabric of dreams which deserves our appreciation…

Of interest, the name “Tulle” comes from the French city of Tulle, in the southern, central region of France. The French are said to have begun ‘knitting’ the hexagonal mesh fabric around 1700. It is here that the tulle netting is believed to have initially originated. In fact, the appearance of tulle netting in early Parisian ballet costumes seem to confirm its wide availability within France. By the 18th century, Tulle, France became known as a center of lace and silk production. A long history of billowy layers, indeed. Of additional interest, the majority of tulle produced today is “Bobbinet”, a form of tulle invented in England by John Heathcoat in the early 19th century. It is said that Heathcoat invented a machine that mimicked the process of the hand movements of lace makers. Who knew? The bobbinet is “Constructed by looping the weft yarn diagonally around the warp yarn, creating a hexagonal weave”. The design of the wrapped threads maintain a state of tension and retain their shape, resulting in the lightweight, tulle netting of sheer bliss.

Vintage Elegance With Tulle
Vintage Elegance With Tulle

Tulle’s resurgence in the 1950’s with formal gowns would bring the adornment of tulle to a new appreciation. Originally, tulle was intended to be used solely as a base for lace to be stitched upon. The function of tulle was as an underlay beneath petticoats to create a “belled shape” using several layers of stiffened tulle or as an underlay for ball gowns and bridal gowns to create an effect of fullness or added to the hem under A-line and ‘mermaid’ skirts to again emphasize fullness. It would not be long before fashion found its flowing and elegant grace as a fabric with which to adorn the woman. The layering of tulle as the main fabric of a garment rather than just an underlay began a timeless use of this netted fabric of graceful and effortless flowing elegance. Indeed, there came a moment in fashion that “tulle” was admired as a fabric of its own. Modern fashion has been enamored with its layered and light-weight, airy bliss of the fabric that has provided allure for centuries. Fluid allure. Perhaps the more ‘modern’ use of tulle redefines the fabric itself. A fabric of stylish possibilities with elegance, Tulle is produced in wide array of colors. Beyond the multicolored tulle netting that delights the visual senses that is readily available, this mesh fabric can also be dyed to the delight of personal perfection. The link of tulle as a bridal and ballet fabric is eternal, yet to appreciate the beauty of its embellishment on the woman is a worthy and lofty tribute. A fashionable appreciation, for certain.

Airy Drama:  The Billowing Glory Of Tulle
Airy Drama: The Billowing Glory Of Tulle
Ethereal Elegance:  Tulle
Ethereal Elegance: Tulle
Fairy Tale Flounce:  The Beauty Of Tulle
Fairy Tale Flounce: The Beauty Of Tulle
Woven Net:  The Effortless Flow Of Tulle
Woven Net: The Effortless Flow Of Tulle
Tulle:  Lightweight Gracefulness
Tulle: Lightweight Gracefulness
Floating & Billowing Adornment:  The Glory Of Tulle
Floating & Billowing Adornment: The Glory Of Tulle
Tulle:  Embellishment With Texture, Style & Colors
Tulle: Embellishment Of Style, Texture & Color
Tulle Inspirations:  The "Ballerina Tutu"
Tulle Inspirations: The “Ballerina Tutu”

Whether it is the evening gown or gowns of wedded bliss of flowing grace that our heart swoons upon or the appreciation of the sheer beauty of the layered tulle that “skirts” the poised and graceful ballerinas, tulle is a fabric that is magnificent and alluring. Timeless. An ethereal fantasy of delight. The lifting appeal with billows and fluffed layers of netted delight is an adornment that deserves appreciation. Flowing elegance of graceful adornment. The sheer enchantment of tulle, indeed.



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