City Inspirations: Chicago In March

City Inspirations:  Chicago In March

Chicago in March. While a cool chill still lingers in the air, the awareness of Spring and its approach seems to fill the city streets. Perhaps it is the inspiration that fills the windows. Perhaps it is the evidence of the planters that line Michigan Avenue being vacated of their Winter greens. Spring awaits. Yes, the city hints at Spring with windows filled with mannequins in lighter layers, shunning Winter’s heavier requirements. Brilliant color and architectural details take one’s focus off the gray mass of clouds that fills the skies with moisture in its hold. Spring will certainly prevail. The expectation of Spring’s arrival seems to lighten one’s spirits. Alas, that is one of the reasons why I venture often into the city by Lake Michigan with my camera. A constant source of inspiration with the changing window display and appreciation for the details of decorative ornamentation that graces the buildings with history in architecture. An appreciation of beauty and a lightened spirit from the energy that every city is filled with. And in reference to being “filled”? The planters on North Michigan Avenue, with freshly overturned earth, await an array of fresh greens and flowers that correspond with the Spring season. A visual sign of Spring, indeed.

A City Awaiting Spring...
A City Awaiting Spring…

Chicago Inspirations In March

“Things” do “Keep getting better and better”. Well stated. In complete agreement. A reminder to us all, that life always gets better. Every day, every season, a gift. Certainly life and its details are to be appreciated and admired. The appreciation of one season passing onto the next? Beautiful.
To walk the city streets in March? Inspiring, indeed.



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