Interior Color Inspirations: Dramatic & Tranquil “Blue”

Bold & Brilliant "Blue"
Bold & Brilliant “Blue”

Bold, brilliant and tranquil blue. The dramatic and leading primary color of blue provides a cool infusion that welcomes one with a peaceful calm. The color of the sky and the deep sea. Serene, indeed. The calming harmony paired with refreshing infusions of color. The wide range of blue hues are varied and each can perhaps be said to evoke different feelings. That said, it is the bold hue of brilliant blue that is exhilarating and rich in depth while the paler shades seem to provide an element of calm and peace. Pure blue bliss, either way.

The modern English word “Blue” comes from the Middle English word “Bleu” or “Blewe”. Taken from the Old French “Bleu”, the word blue finds its origin as Germanic, related to the Old High German word “Blao”. Of additional interest, in Russian as well as other languages, there is no single word for blue, but rather there are different words for light blue and dark blue. Interesting. Several languages, including Japanese, Thai and Korean use the same word to describe blue and green. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he color blue falls between the color spectrum of violet and green? Either way, it is delightful in any shade of blue hue within the interior, for certain.

The history of blue pigments is ancient. Originally made from minerals (lapis lazuli: a semi-precious stone) and the deeper blue of Cobalt and azurite and other blue dyes were made from plants, such as ‘woad’ in Europe. The blue pigment would be exported to all parts of the ancient world. In ancient Egypt, blue was considered a beneficial color associated with the sky and divinity. In fact, beginning around 2500 BC the Egyptians were producing their own blue pigment known as “Egyptian Blue” to paint wood, papyrus and canvas and to color a glaze that would adorn jewelry and vessels. Ancient style, indeed. Of further historical interest, the ancient Greeks classified colors by light or darkness rather than by a hue. The Greeks, also enamored with the hue, imported indigo dye from India, calling it “indikon”. The Romans had many different words for the varieties of blue, including “Blauvas”, again from the Germanic word “Blau”. The Romans also imported indigo dye to make a blue pigment and used it extensively in decoration. In fact, even the walls of Pompeii had frescoes of brilliant blue skies. A classic color, for certain. Timeless. And, oh, the choices of the hue of blue to drench your surrounds? Personal preference, indeed…

The Dramatic Hue Of Blue
The Dramatic Hue Of Blue
Calming & Refreshing "Blue"
Calming & Refreshing “Blue”
"Blue" Bliss Within The Interiors
“Blue” Bliss Within The Interiors

Consider the elegance and richness of the hue “blue”. The color hues of this stunning color certainly provides options of personal color tint preference for the interior. Whether a royal or navy blue, sky blue, indigo, ultramarine, cobalt blue, azure or Prussian blue or the blue-greens of turquoise, teal and aquamarine or other shades of blue tints, consider the refinement that the hues of blue provide to the interior. Brilliant and bold, crisp and cool, indeed.


“The dark blue sky is spotted with clouds of an even darker blue than the fundamental blue of intense cobalt, and others of a lighter blue, like the bluish white of the Milky Way…the sea was very dark ultramarine, the shore a shore of violet and of the light red as I see it, and on the dunes, a few bushes of Prussian blue.”
-Van Gogh, On painting the “Sky”


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