Undeniable Style: The Iconic & Timeless “Trench” Coat

 A Belted Classic:  The Trench Coat
A Belted Classic: The Trench Coat
The "Trench Coat":  Relaxed & Classic
The “Trench Coat”: Relaxed & Classic

The classic “Trench Coat” or “Trench”. Timeless. The lightweight, water resistant or waterproof coat that holds all the requisite details with its iconic five rows of brown buttons is certainly classic and quintessential style. Timeless style in a belted raincoat. A garment that traditionally maintains its double-breasted style with ten front buttons, wide lapels, shoulder straps, “storm flap” and pockets with button closures is a self-belted fashion favorite. The expected buckled straps around the sleeves adds to its iconic appeal. Typically made of gabardine (a breathable, lightweight fabric that resists creasing and repels rain) or heavy duty cotton, the versatility of this coat continues with the addition of a removable insulated lining. Of course, although versions of this stylish icon vary in lengths, ranging from mid-calf to above the knee and also vary in colors and patterns, it is the iconic beige trench that finds my admiration. The khaki, beige or tan trench. The “Beige Mac”. Of interest, the word “Trench” is often referred to as “MacIntosh” in the UK, which is a generic term for “raincoat”. Of additional interest, a real MacIntosh is a layer of rubber & latex compound between two layers of fabric, usually cotton gabardine. Who knew?

The classic trench, styled in military fashion, finds its origin as a military item of clothing that served as outdoor waterproof protection for the military. Said to have been developed as an alternative to the heavy “Serge Greatcoats” worn by the British and French soldiers in during WWI, its design was modified during the war with shoulder straps that allowed for the attachment of rank insignia and epaulettes. This distinctive ten-buttoned, double-breasted long coat would be termed “Trench Coat” in referencing the soldiers in the front line trenches. Do I dare say “Who knew”? The practicality of the coat continued to be coveted by veterans returning as civilians. Could it have been an ode to the functional benefits in regards to the British weather that secured its iconic status before it became a fashionable icon? A smart “Brit Fashion”, indeed. Its military importance is said to have continued during WWII as officers of the United Kingdom continued to use the trench coat on the battlefield. An ally in inclement weather, for certain.

Beyond Britain, other nations developed trench-coat styled jackets. The United States, the Soviet Union and other armies of Continental Europe, such as France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland all utilized the benefits of these coats of practical protection and durability. For certain, “Trench Coats” have remained a garment of iconic status in the decades following WWII and beyond. Yet the invention of the “Trench Coat” is claimed and still debated by two Iconic British brands based in England that adorned with protection the soldiers of wartime and beyond. “Aquascutum” and “Burberry”. Of interest, Aquascutum is Latin for ‘watershield’. One cannot write of the “Trench Coat” without the focus and inclusion of these two iconic brands. A “Tale of two Mac’s”, indeed…

John Emary & Aquasctum/Established 1851
John Emary & Aquasctum/Established 1851
Thomas Burberry,  Burberry /Established 1856
Thomas Burberry, Burberry (Inventor Of Gabardine/1881) /Established 1856

Of course, a mention of Burberry’s distinctive checked lining of iconic status added in 1920? Iconic in its own right. An emblem and trademark of quality paired with a fashionable success, indeed. Drawing on heritage that relies on quality and fine craftsmanship, both emblems of quintessential British style offer luxury and attention to details of authentic style. The innovations of these two venerable and renowned British brands are eternally linked to this belted coat of distinction. The classic and timeless yet modern “Trench” will continually propel its iconic status and rise in its fashionable force for decades to come. History of function and purpose paired with striking style…

Classic Reels Of Hollywood:  Breakfast At Tiffany's (George Peppard & Audrey Hepburn) & Casablanca (Humphrey Bogart)
Classic Reels Of Hollywood: Breakfast At Tiffany’s (George Peppard & Audrey Hepburn) & Casablanca (Humphrey Bogart)
Fashion's Distinctive "Trench Coat":  Khaki Bliss
Fashion’s Distinctive “Trench Coat”: Khaki Bliss
A Stylish Element Of Attire With Modernity:  The "Trench Coat"
A Stylish Element Of Attire With Modernity: The “Trench Coat”
The Beige "MAC":  The Art Of The Trench
The Beige “MAC”: The Art Of The Trench
Supermodel, Christy Turlington In Fashion's Iconic "Trench Coat":  A Timeless Combination
Supermodel, Christy Turlington In Fashion’s Iconic “Trench Coat”: A Timeless Combination
Kate Moss:  Iconic Style In A Trench Coat
Kate Moss: Iconic Style In A Trench Coat

Consider the timeless flair of the “Trench” to carry yourself in a layer of style. A practical addition to one’s attire that is an important, long-term investment, the “Trench” completes an outerwear wardrobe with a classic, yet urban edge. Perhaps there is an unspoken respectability with the adornment of the trench. A stylish element with wearability that is welcome in both dry and wet weather, it is a sharp classic with perennial style. The timeless “Beige Trench” provides effortless style. Perhaps there is an “Art Of The Trench”. An attitude of street-style edge paired with British chic. A classic garment of enduring modernity. Undeniable style, indeed…



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