City Inspirations: Chicago In April

City Inspirations:  Chicago In April

Chicago in April. A delight in any season, April brings with it a sense of Spring’s definite arrival. Regardless of the weather. It was with clouds mixing in around the interspersed sunshine that I walked the city streets in search of inspiration. Indeed, it abounds. Endless inspiration surrounds and swirls around as one crosses the bridges over the Chicago River or walks the streets in the city by Lake Michigan….

And of the weather? April’s weather is unpredictable in Chicago. The layers we cling to covers a wide range as passerby’s are caught between two seasons. Yes, it was windy and cool, hovering below 50 degrees, on the day that I ventured into the city that I crave to dwell within. But alas, unpredictability is a way of life in the Midwest. Chicago in the Spring is unpredictable. However, what is predictable is a city that is constantly changing. Amidst the architectural jewels embedded in the city’s structures, the visual inspirations found behind the storefront windows surely prompt the excitement of the pending arrival of warmer weather ahead. April in Chicago provides the expectance and arrival of the Spring season. A demand, in fact. Perhaps it is with a certain defiance that we all brave the chill of the wind’s relentless breeze, amidst the pansies in bloom, in less layers than we should be donning. Either way, holding firm to the inspirations of a new season’s arrival, I boldly claim it. Spring has arrived in Chicago. Should the sun disappear behind the clouds? No concerns. It will return and the warmth the season of Spring brings is sure to follow…

The Inspiration Of The Mannequin...
The Inspiration Of The Mannequin…

And of the mannequins that draw me in? That seem to lure me and my camera’s lens? As always, transforming representations of fashion’s evolving world. “Form, Fashion & Function”, indeed. In fact, so inspired was I that I am compelled to bring forth images in an upcoming post. Inspiration of the “Art of the Mannequin”, for certain…


A Moment On A Park Bench: Appreciation Of The City That Surrounds...
A Moment On A Park Bench: Appreciation Of The City That Surrounds…

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