The Demure And Bold Elegance Of “Pink” Lipstick

"Pink Lipstick"
“Pink Lipstick”

With the official arrival of Spring, perhaps there is no better time to peruse through one’s collection of lipsticks and lip color. An array of choices that more than likely provides a range of palettes in color choices to match one’s Seasonal whim and fancy. And what of the shade of pink? Certainly, the choices are endless if the need for a new shade of inspiration in a hue of pink is required. Oh, we all do so love a new tube of lipstick at the beginning of a new Season! And for certain, there is a perfect shade of pink for all. No matter the age, every woman can don a hue of pink lipstick magnificence….

"Pink Lipstick"
“Pink Lipstick”
Fashion's Archives: Pink Lipstick
Fashion’s Archives: Pink Lipstick
Variations Of "Pink":  The Allure Of Pink Lipstick
Variations Of “Pink”: The Allure Of Pink Lipstick
Timeless Color:  The "Pink" Lip
Timeless Color: The “Pink” Lip
The "Pink" Palette:  Classic Lip Color
The “Pink” Palette: Classic Lip Color

Whether a sweet, demure soft pink or a bold and vibrant statement in fuchsia pink, “pink” lipstick is sure to add instant gratification. An indulge in pleasure. Spring, indeed. Whether a rich satin, creme finish or a matte application that slides on the lips luxuriously or a saturated stain or high gloss shine, the variations of texture with long-lasting pigmented color will deliver a beautiful focal point to one’s face. One’s perfected “pout”

Fashion Forward:  "Pink" Lip Style
Fashion Forward: “Pink” Lip Style
A Bold Pout. (Model, Lara Stone)
A Bold Pout. (Model, Lara Stone)

And of the gorgeous and bold addition of shocking color with a daring and vibrant fuchsia ? Alas, a fearless color that assimilates itself to the bold strength of the red lip (my perennial favorite, indeed). Like red lipstick, the brave magenta hue certainly can create a signature look. I, for one, adore a deep, bold lip. Daring color. Indeed, there is no timidity when embellishing one’s lip with a swipe of bright, vivid and perhaps shocking pink. A luscious lip. Although the vivid hues may not be for everyone, I applaud the woman that don’s these rich hues of vibrant and lavish intensity. Full lips with intense color, for certain…

Vivid Color:  The Bold Fuchsia Lip Color
Vivid Color: The Bold Fuchsia Lip Color

Whether flaunting a rosy ‘pout’ of subtle and demure elegance or striking drama, the “pink” lip will always be in fashion. A constant perhaps by Seasonal fascination. The embellishment of the lip with color. Sublime. Consider pink. Like the red lip, perhaps it is an addition of attitude. Either way, it is instant delight. Once applied, instant color that embellishes the lips adds warmth to the face and perhaps provides a brighter outlook. Who knew the power lipstick holds? Power, indeed. Without fear, as always. And of my devotion to the hot pink hue of intensified color? Without fear, indeed.



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