Landscaped Walls Of Division: The Distinction Of The “Hedge”

Cultivation Of Distinction:  Hedges
Cultivation Of Distinction: Hedges

The green “living wall”. The beauty and glory of the vibrant green hedge. A natural divide that, in terms of landscaping, is defined as a row of closely planted shrubs or low-growing trees that form a fence or boundary. A visual barrier of green

The formation of a hedge, trained into a suitable hedge shape, is dependent upon the gardener’s commitment to the constant pruning and shaping. And we must not forget patience in growth. Although some plantings require several years to mature, the beauty is worth the investment of time. On that note, evergreens are said to grow at a more rapid rate. The choice of shrubs for hedge plantings vary. Whether deciduous, broadleaf-evergreen or adorned with evergreen needles, the options are certainly dependent upon one’s desire to create a hedge of either a formal or informal style. (Oh, I simply must admit to my love of the evergreen formal hedge!). The most common shrubs for hedges are Privet, with its dark green oval leaves, the Yew, the needled evergreen shrub, and the Boxwood, the small green leafed plant of distinction. (Ahhh, the boxwood. I have previously focusses on this elegant and versatile shrub in a past post: “The Stately Boxwood”). Whatever shrub is chosen to grace your exterior world, it will certainly become a focal point of beauty and elegance in nature.

Perhaps we can consider those that devote their time and maintain a commitment to the diligent pruning and shaping over time of these hedges of green as artists. Artists of nature. Attentive to details, the artisan of the world of the gardener and the landscaper has a history of its own, for certain.

The Hedge:  Shaped Perfection Of Nature
The Hedge: Shaped Perfection Of Nature
Natural Walls & Openings Of Shaped Greens:  The Hedge
Natural Walls & Openings Of Shaped Greens: The Hedge

And of the “doorways” and arches that can be created through the shaped masses and expanse of green? Entrancing. Wonderous to behold and perhaps present a mystique of a real life fairytale. Nature is, after all, magical.

Consider the distinctive addition of the hedge. A natural form of privacy that provides enjoyment with its division. Permanent privacy divisions of lush green foliage that also provide an element of exterior garden landscaping. A stunning backdrop in any setting, indeed…



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