Vibrant Celebrations In Bright & Brilliant Color: The Mexican Holiday “Cinco De Mayo”

Cinco De Mayo ("Fifth Of May"):  Vibrant Celebrations Of Mexican Heritage & Culture
Cinco De Mayo (“Fifth Of May”): Vibrant Celebrations Of Mexican Heritage & Culture

Vivid colors of vibrant celebrations. “Cinco De Mayo”. Beyond the visual associations of the vivid colors of Mexican fiestas paired with lime green margaritas or bold Sangria infused with fruit, the holiday itself is a ‘fiesta’ celebrated beyond Mexico’s borders.

The Mexican holiday, “Cinco De Mayo” (Spanish for “Fifth Of May”) in the United States and regionally in Mexico as the State of Puebla, called El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla (The Day of the Battle of Puebla on May 5th of 1862) is a celebration commemorating the anniversary of Mexican triumph over French forces. The holiday itself is said to have originated with Mexican-American communities in the American West, Southwest and Northwest in the 1860’s. The celebration grew in popularity and would eventually evolve into a celebration of Mexican heritage and national pride that expanded across the United States. This highly colorful, commemorative day holds celebrations that highlight Mexican culture, cuisine, music and regional dancing paired with festive embellishments and decorations. A colorful explosion, for certain.

While the sounds of the Mariachi bands donning traditional colorful sombreros swirl in our minds and the visions of colorful pinatas and other authentic touches of bold, brilliant and bright colors that set a festive mood, the celebration of a lively culture thrives on the “Fifth of May”. Celebrations of life with intense color, indeed….

Now…for that refreshing Sangria! Cheers!



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