City Inspirations: Chicago In May

City Inspirations:  Chicago In May

Chicago in May. A city that is repeatedly transformed by the changing seasons, Chicago once again provides a sense of renewal and change. A city woven with the waterways and brides over the Chicago River, this visit found the tour boats en masse. Perhaps filled with those also seeking inspiration or simply enjoyment of a beautiful day in the city laden with architectural interest…

Chicago In May
Chicago In May

Having ventured into the city later in the month, by now the embellishment and adornment of red, white and blue filled my view from flag poles towering from buildings and banners that lined the city streets. A city acknowledging the arrival of Memorial Day and the simultaneous celebration of Summer. Patriotic music could be heard in the area known as the “Chicago Loop”, furthering a sense of American Patriotism. Who would not be completely stunned to come upon a “Marie Antoinette” coiffed star studded mannequin wrapped in Americana emblems? Fantastic! Unexpected visual pleasure, indeed. Windows filled with Americana acknowledgments certainly brighten the festive mood that the holiday weekend brings to the throngs of people that filled the streets.

Chicago In May:  A "Red, White & Blue" Memorial Day Tribute
Chicago In May: A “Red, White & Blue” Memorial Day Tribute

And of the visual representations and the influence of the “Great Gatsby” and the Art Deco world that it is swirled among? The visual references found as I journeyed through the city streets certainly brought my focus to the architectural details of Art Deco embellishments. Of course the windows of Tiffany’s would present a tribute to the strands of pearls that would have cascaded from the necks of those that swooned gracefully in an era of sheer luxury. Chicago benefits from the glory of the sleek, geometric, dramatic and gilded architectural details that adorn the streamlined buildings that still stand as icons of a past era. Gold and black patterns of distinctive design. Austere distinction of a past era of luxury that will never fade. Timeless as the pages filled by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Never to fade.

Chicago:  "The Great Gatsby" & The Art Deco Embellishments That Remain With Distinction
Chicago: “The Great Gatsby” & The Art Deco Embellishments That Remain With Distinction

And of the word luxury? Befitting in acknowledging a trip down North Michigan Avenue. Immersed in luxury, for certain. Chicago in May is inspiring. An evolving city that is constantly changing. As life evolves, our appreciation of those things around us is also evolving. Chicago, and life, is beautiful indeed…


On a side note… I must admit that I find it exciting to be the cause of awareness as to the subject that my camera is pointed at. The awareness that causes passerbys to pause and focus their attentions onto something that may not ordinarily have found their attentions? Thrilling. The possibility to inspire others to look around, look closer and appreciate? Absolutely thrilling. And so it is, my camera and I, once again focused on storefront windows, focussing on the mannequins adorned with stylish takes of a warmer season. Yet again, pausing to admire the architectural details and elements of the city that rise around me. My eyes continually finding details that inspire my lens. I hope you, too, find inspiration…


2 thoughts on “City Inspirations: Chicago In May

  1. I enjoyed the combination of photos in the last image – a little art deco? I so get what you mean by “the cause of awareness” I have the same hope when I take photos of Florence and put them online, that I push someone to look just a little more to find the hidden beauty.

    I invite you to visit our website:

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective. Thrilled you enjoyed the compilations. Desiring to inspire others is certainly part of the joy of sharing images we are inspired to compose. Looking closer to what is around us will provide that insight. “Hidden Beauty” is stated perfectly, as often what is visible is really hidden from us unless we look closer at the details and beauty…
      I look forward to perusing on your website. Again, thanks for sharing!

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