The Enduring Allure Of Fashion’s White “Lace”

Elegance With Ease:  Embellished In White "Lace"
Elegance With Ease: Embellished In White “Lace”

Delicate white lace. Lightweight style of timeless essence. Possessing an ethereal air, this ultra feminine fabric of lace has numerous style options that are diverse and certainly individualistic to one’s fashionable whims and desired effect. For certain, season after season, lace is continually featured on fashion’s runways. Perhaps it is the perennial bride that keeps lace forever at the forefront of fashion’s fabrics, reinterpreted time and time again. Yet, perhaps, it is the femininity and pureness of the lace of white that brings us back to its appreciation. An enduring appreciation of the phenomenal beauty of lace. Lace has been described as ranging from “sultry and demure, provocative and modest, modern and classical”. I am in complete agreement. It is a timeless fabric when it is worn with elegance. Of course, let’s not forget cotton eyelet with “lace” appeal or the crocheted “lace” that seems to find their embellishment in Summer weather. Yet lace, however, is truly seasonless. An enduring classic.

Lacework is an ancient and skilled craft with an intricate material that has stood the test of time within fashion’s realm. Sheer beauty in stitches. The early needle lace was termed “Punto in Aria” (“Stitches in Air”). Who knew? Lace is classified by textile historians as “True Lace” (Vrai Dentelle) such as “Needle Lace” and “Bobbin Lace” and “Other Laces” which include crochet, tatting, knitted lace and a variety of other decorative, openwork textiles. Bobbin Lace deserves its own focus, as it its origins are claimed by both Italy (Venice) as well as from Belgium (Flanders). Certainly, the distinction of each variation of lace deserves its own appreciation and certainly beyond that what is presented here. The art of lacework has always been a sumptuous and highly coveted luxury. Of note, it is said that the most sophisticated and highly coveted laces could require as many as ten hours of concentrated work to produce a single square inch. Again, who knew? It is no wonder that it was “Once affordable by only the privileged and well-born”. Of additional interest, the Venetians are credited with the exquisite embroideries during the early 1500’s. The evolving forms of lace would develop into “Venetian openwork embroidery” in which only the geometric frames and outlines of the woven fabric remain embellished with open stitches of needle woven designs and ornate fillings. This extreme form of needle lace openwork was termed “Reticella”. Lace designs are said to have remained geometric well into the 1600’s and perhaps beyond. By the middle of the 16th century, lacemaking spread throughout Europe and the British Isles. As with any classic, lace is always evolving with enduring appeal

Delicate Stitching:  The Allure Of  White "Lace"
Delicate Stitching: The Allure Of White “Lace”
Elegance Of Timeless Adornment:  White "Lace"
Elegance Of Timeless Adornment: White “Lace”
Lovely “Lace” In White Delight
White "Lace":   Woven & Stitched Elegance
White “Lace”: Woven & Stitched Elegance

Consider the sheer beauty of “lace”. The elegance of this woven fabric, with its varied framework of designs, fillings and decorative stitches, will surely continue to enthrall our fashionable senses. The desire to embellish and adorn the woman with lace will continually endure. An exquisite adornment of pure elegance in white. An enduring allure, indeed…



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