Fashion’s Timeless Allure Of Wearing White

Elegance & Crispness In Pure White
Elegance & Crispness In Pure White

Pure white. Is there any other color as refreshing and pure as white? White certainly holds a crisp, fresh and light appeal. Like a clean, blank canvas the versatility of white seems to beckon us. (As a side note, I have already paid homage to the great white shirt in a previous post, “The Understated Elegance Of The White Shirt”, for there is nothing quite like the elegance of a crisp, sharp white shirt). Perhaps as with the change of seasons, the appeal of wearing white in the Summer seems to proclaim the arrival of the season’s warmest days. Rising temperatures seem to equate the desire for wearing ‘summer whites’. But alas, white is stunning during all seasons. Versatile in a Summer wardrobe or even in the depths of Winter. Striking with its clean and bright simplicity, it is no wonder that we are drawn to wearing white.

“White” is described as the color the eye sees when it looks at light. Containing all the “wavelengths of the visible spectrum, at full brightness and without absorption”, the color white is said to not possess a hue. Interesting. Yet a hue of great consideration in the realm of fashion, it is! As a symbol, white is the opposite of black and a contrast of light and darkness. The color itself is often associated with neutrality, lightness, a beginning, new, perfection, honesty, goodness and exactitude. Exactitude. When one choosing to adorn oneself in layers of white, perhaps there is an exactitude of intent. Although colorless, there is a bold statement present. I believe, one of elegance…

And of the color white in history? In ancient Egypt, the color white was linked with the goddess Isis and her priests and priestesses, who wore only white linen. In ancient Rome, white was referred to as “Albus” (a plain white) and “Candidus” (a brighter white). There are variations within white, for certain. Yet it is the crisp, pure white that I focus upon. It is said that during the 18th century, under the influence of France’s Napolean Bonaparte, post the French Revolution, white became a fashionable and stylish color. That fashionable “trend” has clearly never faded. The allure of wearing white will endure onward throughout history. Pure and simple style

Pure, Crisp "White":  Fashion's Adornment Of White
Pure, Crisp “White”: Fashion’s Adornment Of White
The Timeless & Fashionable Color "White"
The Timeless & Fashionable Color “White”
Supermodel Style In White
Supermodel Style In White
Crisp Elegance:  The "White" Jacket
Crisp Elegance: The “White” Jacket

And of the timeless adornment of the “white jacket”? Following the timeless gift to the woman from iconic designers such as Dior and Chanel, the classic “white jacket” also carries with it an exactitude of style. Fashion’s allure, for certain…

The "White Jacket":  Fashion's Archives & The Enduring Influence Of Coco Chanel
The “White Jacket”: Fashion’s Archives & The Enduring Influence Of Coco Chanel
Fashion's Sharp White Style
Fashion’s Sharp White Style
Lauren Hutton:  Enduring In Classic White
Lauren Hutton: Enduring In Classic White
Pure & Elegant:  Precisely "White"
Pure & Elegant: Precisely “White”
Fashion's Archives:  Timeless White Fashion
Fashion’s Archives: Timeless White Fashion

Consider the pureness of white paired with an understated elegance of simplicity. Whether you choose to embellish yourself with an all white ensemble, or a layer of white, this versatile color will remain a foundation within your wardrobe. However the color white is incorporated into one’s personal wardrobe of style, the timeless allure to those garments of white will endure. Pure white bliss, indeed.


“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” – Coco Chanel

PS: For those that abstain from wearing white due to the possibility of coffee, wine stains or other visions of soiled effects? I say, the choice to wear white is worth the price of cleaning a garment. For as Chanel has stated, the beauty of white is “absolute”.


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