City Inspirations: Chicago In June

Chicago In June

Chicago in June. Yesterday found me venturing by train into the city of Chicago. As always, seeking inspiration and rejuvenation from the city by Lake Michigan. Surveying the changes a city takes on during the season of Summer’s arrival, onward I walked and walked. My camera and I. As the Summer’s heat infiltrated the city streets, the appreciation of the gusts of air conditioning from the storefront open doors seemed to lure the passerby’s inwards. Perhaps seeking a quick relief from the sudden heat or perhaps seeking inspiration with a wallet filled with planned weekend splurges. Summer shopping at its best. Color bursting from the store windows added visual “pops” of inspiration. As always, the architectural details are always a lure for my camera lens, no matter the season.

Architectural Jewels On Michigan Avenue:  Embellished With Greenery
Architectural Jewels On Michigan Avenue: Embellished With Greenery

The city in June is embellished with “green” life. Palms graced the city scape, visually evoking the essence of Summer. Ivy laden structures seemed to lure a closer look of appreciation, providing a lush cover upon distinctive architecture. Beckoning me, for certain.

Al Fresco Dining In Chicago
Al Fresco Dining In Chicago

And of Summer’s arrival? In a season where outdoor seating beckons the Chicagoans who have long awaited the sultry weather of Summer, the beach also calls for attention….

Oak Street Beach, Chicago
Oak Street Beach, Chicago

A quick venture to Oak Street Beach was in order. In walking distance off Michigan Avenue’s prime retail mile, the scene at the lakefront was one of weekend Summertime bliss. Chicago is truly at its best with its Summertime appeal. Sand, sun and the lake breeze paired with a bright blue sky sublimely affirms that life is beautiful. Life is certainly about seizing each moment and each season…

So, yet again, I ventured into the city that I adore seeking inspiration while gaining an opportunity for my thoughts to flow. And flow they did. Clarity. Living within the reach of Chicago is a gift. Validation of the benefit of living in the Midwest. Chicagoans embrace and relish their city with a strong passion during the transformation of their city within the Summer months. And of the tourists that have begun to infiltrate the city by the lake in droves? I, too, am one of them. With the exception that I claim the city as a past Chicagoan, as I have lived within the city and worked within the Magnificent Mile. Yet, with the tourists, I become one of them, melding into the backdrop of the crowds that walk the city streets.

But my focus? With my camera in hand, continually seeking and capturing inspiration. Spontaneous expression. From behind the lens….

Cheers to the beginning of Summer in Chicago!



2 thoughts on “City Inspirations: Chicago In June

  1. Chicago!! What a great city! This inspires me to come visit real soon! Cheers to you Kristin to a great summer filled with a lot of visits to the windy city!!’

    1. Thank you, Fraya! You must return for a visit this Summer to experience the delights that the City of Chicago offers…soon! For I know, it is the streets of the city and the water and sand that would lure you….

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