200: A Thank You To “HOUSE APPEAL” BLOG Followers…

200:  A Thank You To House Appeal Blog Followers

It is said that one of the common properties of the number 200 is abundant. Abundant, indeed. Abundance is a perfect word to describe my personal abundance of gratitude I have for those that follow “House Appeal”. Thus, an acknowledgement of thanks to my followers…

Years ago (many years ago), upon graduating college, I was asked to leave behind a quote of wisdom for the University’s newspaper. The purpose was to inspire those underclassmen that would follow the course for a diploma. After a brief contemplation, my quote was simple and basic:

“Learn as much as you can, expand your horizons and be yourself”

It is a quote that has held true to me throughout the years and I have referred to it often. Perhaps that is what this blog is to me. I am constantly learning as I seek to provide information to further the appreciation of those things that inspire. Constantly seeking to expand my horizons in the process. And, as always, true to myself. Indeed, the key in life is to be true to yourself. That said, the freedom a blog provides paired with the excitement to discover and share those things that I feel are beautiful and those things that may inspire others is paramount to creating and composing blog posts.

That said, whether you are an avid follower, a periodic visitor or you have merely ventured onto my blog for the first time, thank you for allowing me to filter my “Inspirations And Ponderings Of Living A Beautiful Life” into your world. May your journey in life provide you with continual learning and growth while remaining true to yourself…


4 thoughts on “200: A Thank You To “HOUSE APPEAL” BLOG Followers…

    1. Thank you, Marie! To credit my blog as a “beautiful, inspirational space” is a compliment I greatly appreciate. It is wonderful to have inspiring fellow bloggers as followers, such as yourself. Indeed, it is always a pleasure to receive your thoughts and insights on posts. Sharing and inspiring is certainly what it is all about…
      Cheers to you and your beautiful blog, Marie!

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