The Allure Of The “Orange” Lip: Bright & Bold Lipstick

Bright & Bold:  The Confident "Orange Lip"
Bright & Bold: The Confident “Orange Lip”

The allure of the orange lip. A bold statement with a bright, and perhaps shocking, pop of color. With the intense heat of Summer, perhaps there is nothing that visually speaks Summer’s arrival than a bold pout of citrus shine. Bright delight, indeed.

Perhaps an unexpected burst of color, the bold orange or coral hued lip is a complete statement in acknowledging the warm & sultry days of Summer. The dramatic effect of a highly pigmented lipstick is alluring in and of itself. Bold confidence in a bold lip color. Like the bold red lip or the shocking addition of a bold fuchsia, shades of orange and coral are also a classic and flattering addition. Ranging from demure to daring, the hue is certain to provide a glow to one’s complexion. A brightening hue, for certain. Said to be a universally flattering hue, an orange base will add warmth and distinctive style. Attitude. Perhaps considered unconventional or shocking, the “pop” of color in citrus hue is a welcoming color in a season of heat and Summertime bliss. The bright red-orange is certainly a modern-take on classic red. Timeless. The vibrancy of a bright orange or coral hue presents a “stand out style” that boldly presents confidence in color. Confidence in oneself, perhaps. Perhaps there is a fearlessness in this bold hue. Yet as always, worn in elegance…

Vintage Allure:  The Timeless Appeal Of Vivid Hue
Vintage Allure: The Timeless Appeal Of Vivid Hue
Intense & Amplified Style:  "Orange" Lipstick
Intense & Amplified Style: “Orange” Lipstick
The Powerful "Tangerine" Pout
The Powerful “Tangerine” Pout
Fashion's Archives:  The Stylish "Orange" Lip
Fashion’s Archives: The Stylish “Orange” Lip
“Stand Out Style”: “Orange” Lipstick

As always with lip color, finding an intensity that one is comfortable with is key. Subtle or bold, the orange hued lipstick is a worthy choice when the heat of the Summer calls for a citrus shine. Whether the fiery, exotic and shocking orange of unexpected delight or a demure coral crush, the addition of a swipe of this color hue is perhaps “Summer” in a lipstick tube. And on my lips? Alas, I adore the bold and vivid orange. Consider the orange hue to brighten your look with a squeeze of mandarin bliss. Amplified color that speaks volumes. Indulge in color intense hues as the heat of the Summer swells around you. A perfect, striking pout. A powerful “tangerine” pout. The perfect “punch” of color, indeed…

And…cheers to the “fashionable” season of Summer!



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