City Inspirations: Chicago In July

Chicago In July

Chicago in July. On a late July day when the blue sky was filled with billowy clouds of layers of white and gray, paired with the sun’s reflection on the city buildings, I walked with camera in hand

A Chicago Skyline
A Chicago Skyline

Having traveled by train this past weekend, the moment my feet hit the city streets my search for inspiration began. Anything can provide inspiration. For certain, inspiration is found within the streets of a city. At the beginning of the year I committed to arrive into the city at least once per month for the mere purpose of personal renewal, discovery and appreciation of the city by Lake Michigan. And of each monthly journey? All of those aspirations are met. With a camera aimed at my whims, sublime bliss within the jeweled city of Chicago

And of the visuals and ponderings while meandering the city streets near the end of July? The signs of the end of Summer. Storefront windows beckon shoppers with “Sale” signs. Additional layers adorn the mannequins. Alas, the glory of visual merchandising that gestures us toward thoughts of an upcoming season. The weather itself, at a breezy 72 degrees, provided the need for a lighter layer that seemed untypical of the sultry July weather that Chicago swells around. Of note, the mood in the air seemed to embrace the change. Perhaps it is the excitement of a new season that brings our thoughts to the upcoming new additions to our wardrobes? Change always awaits us. Perhaps that is the excitement that a city provides…

Architectural Details In Chicago
Architectural Details In Chicago

Architectural details and structures of style paired well with the energy that is acquired through venturing through the throngs of sightseer’s and city residents exploring their city with a relaxed gait. Alas, my feet had to move quickly as my time within the city on this particular venture was limited. Darting in and out of the crowded sidewalks (alas, I still possess the speed and determined focus of a New Yorker), my watch was my guide that limited my detours of impulse. Thus, I held to my course. Michigan Avenue from the Loop. Under the painted mass of metal rails that carry the city travelers in the “Loop” in transit via the “L”, one cannot help but take in the energy that the train’s wheels provide above on the endless tracks that weave through the buildings. Life in a city is constant

Delights Of Summertime:  Chicago In July
Delights Of Summertime: Chicago In July

Summer and its visual delights are ongoing in the city by Lake Michigan that is entwined with the Chicago River. By foot or by bike, the city of Chicago is a delight in the Summer. City inspirations. Discovery and appreciation. Delightful.

That said, cheers to the appreciation of a city and its offerings. A city full of change, indeed…


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