Distinctive Architectural Elements: Exposed Beams & Trusses

Beams  Of Visual Distinction Within The Interior
Beams Of Visual Distinction Within The Interior

The refined and rustic appeal of exposed beams and trusses. Architectural interest paired with lofty and airy style. Strength and beauty in a visual vertical and horizontal display of exposed wood within the interior. Rustic sophistication, for certain…

“Post and Beam” construction is a process referred to as “Timber Framing” (the “process of framing a structure using heavy timber jointed together with pegged mortise and tenon joints”). The diagonal supports in timber framing provide the visual allure of these elevated, exposed beams. Posts are generally visible on the exterior of the home whereas beams can be seen within the interior in a ceiling display of distinctive style.

History states that the concept of“Post and Beam” framing originated in Egypt around 2,000BC. Early “Post and Beam” construction historically can be found as a key architectural method and style prevalent in Europe, specifically in such countries as England, Holland and Norway. On American soil, the first settlers used a primitive form of “Post and Beam” construction using white oak that was used in Europe as well as the workable, abundant soft woods found in America’s forests. With the use of slats and woven twigs paired with mud between the posts, a method of ‘infill’ called “Wattle and Daub”, the tradition of building with “Post and Beam” construction continued in the Colonies until the 1800’s. With the arrival of brick layers to America, the addition of brick between the posts transformed the primitive method of construction. Bricks were added to the openings in the beam frame walls furthering a solid structure of architecture. Of additional interest, it is said that at that time American native Pine came into use it would lead to the abandonment of the “Post and Beam” construction due to extremes in temperature that caused failure in construction. Who knew? Or perhaps, it was the stated arrival of the Clapboard exterior construction of 2-story homes that set a new standard for strength and security against the climate and environmental changes? Either way, the timeless appeal of the post and beam would certainly regain appeal in architecture beyond its crude, initial construction of purpose as an element of distinction within interior design.

And of the trusses that connect the exposed beams of architectural interest and strength? Another element of structural design that adds interest and visual delight. In architecture, a Truss is a structure comprising of one or more triangular units constructed with straight members whose ends are connected at joints referred to as nodes. Strength in function paired with distinction of interior style…

Rustic Elegance:  Exposed Beams
Rustic Elegance: Exposed Beams
Strength & Style: Beams  In The Interior
Strength & Style: Beams In The Interior
Natural Appeal With Visual Interest:  Architectural Beams
Natural Appeal With Visual Interest: Architectural Beams

Of course the glory of the natural wood meets another dimension when coated with paint. White washed or painted beams of lofty, light and airy style are also a visually appealing delight. For certain, beams that are finished with a clear finish, stained or even a painted surface provide a textural and visually interesting architectural element of distinctive style to any interior they rise within…

Light & Airy Style Of Distinction:  Painted Beams & Trusses
Light & Airy Style Of Distinction: Painted Beams & Trusses

Consider the solid wood beams of distinctive style within the interior. Whether the beams are of Antique Rough Sawn origin (holding teeth marks from the saw blades from when it was milled) or Antique Hand Hewn (which have retained the artisans axe marks), refined Antique Re-Sawn wood beams that are planed smooth, providing a modern, clean appeal or those that retain the teeth marks from a band saw for added character) or even if the beams are of a high quality faux alternative “Box Beam”, (constructed to resemble solid wood) there is character, warmth and strength added to any interior.

The addition of these 3-dimensional wood beams provide a sturdy and almost luxurious elegance that dominates with strength within the interiors it towers above. Structural delight and added architectural interest, indeed. The beauty and strength of the timbers than span across an interior is a longstanding feature of architecture and interior design that will certainly endure as a timeless element of distinctive style. Exposed, natural elements. Elements of distinctive architectural style, indeed…



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      1. And…a compliment to you and the history in the building industry that your family holds since 1956! The recent evolution to a truss company is a timeless venture, for certain. (timberlaketrustworks.com/Helena, Oklahoma)
        Trusses and the interior appreciation of them will certainly continue onward! Best wishes in constructing the future…

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