City Inspirations: Chicago In August

Chicago In August 2013

Chicago in August. On a day that threatened a storm, the train that I boarded rolled into the city filled with business travelers. Certainly always providing quiet contemplation on weekdays vs. the boisterous and excited weekend crowd headed to the city by Lake Michigan. A peaceful journey with a view of questioning skies. No concerns. Umbrella on hand, my camera would be ready.

And of my venture in a city that currently is coasting between two seasons? Delight and inspiration, as always. Summer still swells yet Fall seems to beckon at our heels. As I walked through the city streets, with camera in hand, the absence of the sun was welcomed after a hot day that hovered in the 90’s. Yet somehow everything seems more intense and vivid on overcast days. With a balmy day with a beautiful lake breeze that filtered in between the city buildings, I launched my course to Michigan Avenue. Always my destination point. Reveling at store windows filled with mannequins paired with an appreciation of architectural details that inspired me along the way, I was in bliss. The freedom that the city provides me is enduring. On foot, alone, aiming my camera at whims and inspirations. Pure bliss, indeed. Visual merchandising and shopping at its finest paired with the appreciation of the city that rises up around me. Details, through my lens…

"Chicago Farmer's Market"t
“Chicago Farmer’s Market”

Late Summer delights could be had by all at the Chicago Farmers Market. Nature’s bounty for the taking by city dwellers. Crossing the bridges of the city’s course, turning my focus on the meandering waterways of the Chicago River, I was reminded of the versatility of the city upon viewing the visual delight of the water taxi. Travel by boat. Delightful. Of course, after indulging in a caffeinated pleasure (a requirement), onward I walked. The pavement again awaited…

Chicago's Water Taxi
Chicago’s Water Taxi

And of the windows and the constant evolution of enticing visual displays behind glass panes? The mannequins were clothed in added layers that furthered the evidence of the Fall season’s pending arrival. My venture is not complete without setting my sights on the display of Chanel mannequins behind the glass windows of the Chanel Boutique on Michigan Avenue. Always a visual and fashionable treat…

Distintive Chanel  Windows & The Alluring Red Lip
Distintive Chanel Windows & The Alluring Red Lip

With the arrival of “Back To School”, the removal of the Summer tourists returned the city by the Lake to a normal pace. Of course, not without it’s visual merchandising to the return to the “books”. “Back to school” is certainly back to the basics. Denim included…

"Back To School"= "Back To Blue" In Denim Style
“Back To School”= “Back To Blue” In Denim Style

Inspiration and appreciation of a city, like any city, that constantly anticipates change. Enjoying what a city offers and presents visually is always a worthy focus. Life is constant. A city is an opportunity of inspiration of life and a gift to enjoy and appreciate, indeed…



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