The Layered Appeal Of The “Skirted Table”: Stylish Textile Delight

Draped Fabric With Limitless Style Possibilities:  The "Skirted Table"
Draped Fabric With Limitless Style Possibilities: The “Skirted Table”

The “skirted table”. A timeless adornment in fabric within the interior. Perhaps our interior rooms crave layers of fabric as the seasons change and temperatures seem to bring a crispness in the air within our spaces. Textural bliss with textiles, the “Skirted Table” certainly provides interior personality with the lengths of fabric that fall to the floor

A “Table Skirt” is described as a “Fabric drape which covers the front and sides of a table from the surface down nearly to the floor” and “Occasionally, a skirt covers also the back of a table”. Of additional interest, typically what is referred to as a “Table Skirt” commonly does not cover the table top, which must be draped first with a tablecloth. Alas, the banquet-style skirting. With the purpose of shielding all the legs under the table from view, the “Table Skirt” that I focus upon softly drapes or covers the entire surface upon which it is layered. Whether flowing or streamlined and tailored, the “Table Skirt” seems to provide a commanding presence in a room. For certain, the well-dressed table is an asset to any interior.

Whether a solid or patterned fabric layering a rectangular or round table, the “Table Skirt” provides instant warmth with its texture while softening a room’s appearance. A visual alternative to the sharp lines of ‘legged’ furniture. A contrast of interest, perhaps. The additional layer of fabric that skirts a table adds balance to a room. Regarding the fabrics that cover the surfaces of sturdy table tops, it is said that the heavier the fabric, the more luxurious the drape. In fact, the preferred fabric is a heavy weight linen or silk. For certain, the weight of a fabric adds to the visual richness that the textiles of choice brings. The luxurious folds of fabric that cascade to the floor in a graceful manner presents a visually softening yet grounding effect within the interior.

And of the history of the layers of textile delight? History states that in 1762, Thomas Chippendale designed a fabric skirt that concealed the legs of a dressing table. Acknowledged as a style that became relegated to feminine settings, the “Skirted Table” certainly moved beyond this realm within interior history. An appreciation, perhaps, of the continuous flow of design that a table with skirting provides. Of additional historical interest, speculation exists that Victorian England’s “near obsessive” desire to preserve modesty provides clues to its importance within interiors. Who knew that a “Skirted Table” would be suggested as part of the devotion to modesty in which interior embellishments with fabric would shield not only the legs of the furniture, but those of the guests seated at the table, from view? Covered in style, indeed. But alas, the “Table Skirt” that gains my focus is not specifically the draping, floor length fabric that layers a dining table, per say, but the table that stands alone as a functional piece of decoration. A “stand alone” table layered in personal style

Interior Designer, Mario Buatta, "Prince Of Chintz"
Interior Designer, Mario Buatta, “Prince Of Chintz”

Of course, one cannot dwell on the topic of the “Skirted Table” without mentioning the fabrics that not only graced interiors during the 1970’s, but also those that took on new levels of style during the 1980’s. Yes, the layered ruffles of flowered fabric and billowy taffeta onto round tables. Mario Buatta, credited as the “Prince of Chintz” during the Eighties, famously draped tables with such stylistic folds and flowering botanical prints. The interior design world would follow his lead. Of course, styles change, and although the “Skirted Table” may have been banished and hidden from view as it fell out of favor with modern designers, perhaps its return is not a surprise. Alas, it never left. It has only been reinvented. The reinvention of a classic. Textiles of crisp, tailored elegance with pattern, color and warmth with texture have once again layered our surfaces. Modern details have perhaps even furthered the reinvention of the concept. Layers of fabric we will never tire of. To quote Coco Chanel, “Fashion changes, style remains”. Indeed, as with fashion, the design may change, but style remains…

Versatility In Styling:  The Textile Delight Of "Skirted Tables"
Versatility In Styling: The Textile Delight Of “Skirted Tables”

And of the custom made skirt at the hand of an upholsterer? The luxury of a hand-tailored skirt to one’s specifications is certainly appealing. Timeless appeal, when chosen with personal flair. A statement in style, for certain. And what of the benefits of hidden storage? For certain, the added benefit to those that dwell in a space with limited storage, the skirting of a table allows for the concealment of a bevy of items beneath the folds of textile fabric in layers that surround the table. Versatility in form and function paired with decorative possibilities. And of the objects that are gathered in a personal montage on display? The decoration on a skirted table certainly deems it a personal and impactful table of style. Limitless options of personal display…

Embellishments With Textiles:  The "Skirted Table"
Embellishments With Textiles: The “Skirted Table”
Layers Of  Elegance:  The "Skirted Table"
Layers Of Elegance: The “Skirted Table”
Impactful Presence Within The Interior:   "Skirted" Table Delight
Impactful Presence Within The Interior: “Skirted” Table Delight
Versatile & Personal Statements Of Style: "Skirted Tables"
Versatile & Personal Statements Of Style: “Skirted Tables”

Consider the “Skirted Table”. Whether tailored and modern, layered with embellishments worthy of couture detailing or simple layers of folds that create a visual voluminous effect, the “Skirted Table” is a decorative addition of stylistic versatility within the interior world. A classic “Skirted Table” with billowing layers or more modern, tailored panels is a beautiful, functional addition within the interior. Even with the addition of an overlay over the fabric of choice. Your choice. Choosing a simple, solid or patterned layered skirt in unadorned simplicity or a box pleat layer with sophisticated banded trims, the style choice is personal. Textile layers with contemporary sensibilities or traditional layers of textile bliss. Choices. Choices of stylish layers of textile delight, indeed…



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