City Inspirations: Chicago In September

City Inspirations:  Chicago In September

In the midst of throngs of Chicagoan’s and commuters making their way to their workplaces, hesitating along the way to check their iPhones and Androids, I entered the streets of the city of Chicago. Arriving by train with no purpose other than anticipation of exploration and discovery. Yes, my monthly solo jaunt to the city by Lake Michigan. Chicago. A monthly commitment that began in January for no other purpose than to seek inspiration and contemplation of the beautiful things that surround. Camera in hand, behind the lens. The beauty of the details, architecture, fashion’s influence and the energy of life itself surrounds. The freedom of individuality and personal expression is perhaps what lures all of us to a city. Oh, the joy of mixing oneself within a crowd. Each one of us with a different destination and journey. Each one of us experiencing the day, which is in itself, a gift. Life in a city, to be appreciated

And of the inspirations gained? Inspiration always abounds in a city. To stumble upon a store front display window vacant of fashion merchandizing? A rare visual moment, perhaps. A window awaiting. Anticipation. The pending arrival of a fashionable representation of seasonal style. Alas, as we all await the change of the season, with its gradual arrival, the city that surrounds us is also in transformation. Ongoing transformation, as always. Perpetual change.

And of the windows that were filled with mannequins? Layers with coats and stylish assemblages embellished mannequins displayed behind the windows. With Fall fashion’s evolving change, consider the timeless classics that enduringly seem to fill the windows, time and time again. As with the change of any new season, the excitement and consideration of new additions to our wardrobes urges us to assess our closets. Perhaps we are seeking a new accessory. A striking new pair of shoes, a sumptuous new handbag or even a more simplistic item, such as a bold, new lipstick. Yes, for me on this visit it was a bold, new shade of red that lured me from the boutique makeup counters that surrounded me within Michigan Avenue’s glossy and iconic stores. A perennial favorite that seems to consistently coat my lips in the cooler seasons, red lipstick met my Fall requisites…

The Lure Of A New Lipstick:  Windows That Beckon Change
The Lure Of A New Lipstick: Windows That Beckon Change
Architectural Interest:  Looking "UP" In Chicago
Architectural Interest: Looking “UP” In Chicago

Considering the beauty of a city, one must always look around as well as “Up”. So much of life that surrounds us goes unnoticed. It is taking the moment to look closer at the details that surround. Creating a visual composition with one’s eyes is a wonderful goal to undertake while on a journey upon city streets. For me, it is through my lens. The joy of noting other’s follow my aim is priceless. Creating a moment for others to ponder, pausing for a mere moment, are worthwhile moments from behind the lens. So, that said, simply look around you and look “Up”. Soak in what surrounds you. Whether you walk the streets of this great city or a city elsewhere in this vast world of ours, survey with appreciation. For certain, I appreciate the details of Chicago. Month by month, I never tire to look around me and discover something new that I may have missed in previous months of my solo commitment this year. The lure of walking different streets in search of what delights me. Seasonal interest paired with architectural bliss. All the while, finding enjoyment of the visual landscaping that currently holds united “Summer green” and Fall appeal. Adornment of a city with botanical embellishments

Chicago In September
Chicago In September
Bridges With Walkways Over The Chicago River
Bridges With Walkways Over The Chicago River

And of the waters that surround and meander through the city of Chicago? Still filled with architectural tour boats and patrons that have brought with them an extra layer of warmth. Crossing over the bridges with walkways over the Chicago River, I was reminded of the sharp, cool winds of force that await those of us that cross these structures that span through the city’s “Loop”. For certain, the famous winds of Chicago always await. And when they do? I shall be crossing these bridges. In search of inspiration, as always.
Chicago in September. Inspiration, indeed



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