City Inspirations: Chicago In October

City Inspirations:  Chicago In October

Chicago. What began as an overcast October day turned into a sky that brought brilliant sunshine infiltrating through the buildings and upon the city streets. Yet a mild, Fall chill appropriately settled into the air. Chicago in October. Slight winds in a city known for its natural force of wind. The “Windy City”. The city by Lake Michigan that finds within its towering structures the Chicago River meandering through. The streets awaiting, camera in hand. Alas, I return again. My year commitment to return monthly to the city of Chicago with the sole purpose of seeking inspiration and appreciation of the city and its details . Details that include the changing scenery from behind the glass panes of display windows and the changing attitudes that permeate the city. Autumn has arrived. And what better way to appreciate the details of a city and its visual appeal than from behind the lens?

Chicago:  A Visual Delight
Chicago: A Visual Delight

The store front windows were layered with textile delights. Luxurious layers of regal and rich hues draped mannequins that boldly displayed fashion’s recent turn. Changing seasons. Changing attire. Fashion’s evolution. There was also a sharp focus of the formal dress. A nod to the future holiday events that await us, for certain. Life is a celebration.

And of course, there is Chanel. The mannequins that boldly adorn the windows of the Chanel boutique on Michigan Avenue always lure me with expectation. What was presented was certainly a “Mod” visual to treat the eyes of passerbys. An intriguing visual, for certain. Iconic black and white with embellishments of distinction. Very Chanel.

Chanel Boutique, N. Michigan Avenue/Chicago
Chanel Boutique, N. Michigan Avenue/Chicago

In the search for inspiration, I continually find myself immersed within it while walking on the pavement of the city’s streets. There is always a detail to allow ones eyes to focus and rest upon. Appreciation. Considering the craftsmanship of the details that embellish the historical buildings that tower and surround. Perhaps it is a matter of focus. Seeking out these details of beauty and distinction, as they are available to each of us. As each moment counts, the simple luxury of perching from a park bench that can beckon us. A seat from which to view the world around us. Priceless

Chicago In October:  City Scenes

Seasonal Delights WIthin The City Scape:  Chicago In October
Seasonal Delights WIthin The City Scape: Chicago In October

With the assemblages of Fall’s emblems and massed plantings that represent the season, threaded throughout the city, the reality of Autumn’s arrival was apparent. Jackets paired with fashionable and sleek boots had returned to the pavement. Autumn’s official arrival was upon us. Myself, as a past “Chicagoan“, as well as those that swarmed the city streets were ready. Fall’s force ahead. Ready and inspired with the changes around us. Chicago in October. Inspired, indeed…



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