Enduring Appeal Of Warmth & Hue Of Color: The “Camel Hair” Coat

The Classic & Polished “Camel Hair” Coat

Camel Hair. The “Hair of a camel” that provides lightweight adornment paired with warmth and striking hue. Considered one of the finest topcoats, Camel Hair is in fact a type of cloth known as a rich cloth of Asian Origin. History states that Camel Hair was used in clothing as early as the thirteenth century. Enduring fabric, for certain. Since Medieval times, the highest quality of Camel Hair was used to adorn the wealthy with luxurious articles of clothing. Of Interest, it was the two-humped Bactrian Camel that historically adorned the world since ancient times. Found from Turkey, eastward to China and Northward to Siberia, the distinctive appeal of Camel Hair certainly endures within the fibers of modern day Camel Hair. The iconic fibers of golden & tan are a supple textile delight of classic style.

A Timeless Classic:  Camel Hair
A Timeless Classic: Camel Hair

For further historical interest and to validate the longevity of this natural fiber, in nomadic societies, and individual termed a “Trailer” held the responsibility of following the camel caravan, collecting hair tufts from the trail. Imagine! A camel typically produces 5 pounds of hair a year. The fibers are collected through combing, shearing and collecting the shed hair during the camel’s moulting season. The primary methods in the production of Camel Hair are collection, sorting, dehairing, spinning and weaving (knitting). These processes separate the coarse hair from the fine, soft hairs. The shedding fibers of Camel Hair are double coated, providing one layer of long, coarse and inflexible “Guard Hairs” (the outer protective fur) and an undercoat of soft, fine, downy fiber, which is the top grade fiber that will be woven into the highest quality fabrics. “Guard Hairs” can be softened through blending it with with wool. Of course, the best blends of camel hair in woven or knitted camel hair textiles are the pure Camel Hair cloth. Yet there are also Camel Hair cloths that combine a blend other fibers, such as wool. Of interest, wool blended into Camel Hair is said to provide a softer cloth than that of pure wool. Who knew? Measured into three grades determined by color and fineness in fiber, it is said that only 30 percent of the raw fiber is suitable for apparel products. A ratio that perhaps validates the investment of a garment of Camel Hair fibers. The highest grade of the fibers reserved for apparel is the light tan color that is fine and soft. Alas, whether 100% camel hair of an equal amount of merino wool added to soften the cloth, the enduring appeal of camel hair within fashion is apparent. With its luxurious soft feel with a supple drape, the brushed surface of Camel Hair provides warmth without weight. Enduring appeal as timeless statement of warmth and distinctive hue

Historical Representations Of The Enduring, Natural Classic:  Camel Hair
Historical Representations Of The Enduring, Natural Classic: Camel Hair
Vintage “Camel Hair” In Fashion: Jaeger (April 1952/UK Vouge)

Of additional historical interest within the history of a fabric, “Cameline” has a direct link to Camel Hair. The term “Camaline” (pronounced Kam-a-leen) was a coarse fabric material also used in the middle ages. “Cameline” was imported from Cyprus and Syria into Europe. Described as a “Cloak of the Arabs made of Camels hair”, history has recorded this fabric as a “common and cheap” textile, as it was believed to be an imitation of the original Asian camel hair fabric. Who knew? The adornment of a faux Camel Hair garment was certainly a fashionable substitute for authentic Camel Hair that is classified as a “specialty hair fibre” . More affordability, for certain. Another variation of the “Hair Of A Camel” was “Camlet”, considered an imitation of Oriental camel hair cloth which is a blended version of animal hair, such as goat hair, paired with silk or wool. Providing a more wavy appearance, this durable plain cloth showcased visual distinction of the Camel Hair garment. Medieval France also produced an imitation cloth that was made of goat hair. The fibers, spun into yarn, were produced in Flander and Duchy of Brabant (a former province of Belgium). Used within both France and England to the end of the 17th century, perhaps the hair of the camel of Asian origin would replace as the adornment within the fashionable world from the 17th century onward. Woven in history, this “Hair of the Camel” is, indeed….

The Timeless, Classic Layer Of Camel Hair
The Timeless, Classic Layer Of Camel Hair
Natural Fiber Delight:  Camel Hair & Fashion's Embellishment
Natural Fiber Delight: Camel Hair & Fashion’s Embellishment
Blended Layer Of Natural Distinction:  Camel Hair
Blended Layer Of Natural Distinction: Camel Hair
Rich Cloth Of  Warmth & Style:  The Enduring Classic Camel Hair Coat
Rich Cloth Of Warmth & Style: The Enduring Classic “Camel Hair” Coat
Masculine Edge In Classic Style Of Distinctive Warmth & Hue:  Camel Hair
Masculine Edge In Classic Style Of Distinctive Warmth & Hue: Camel Hair
Enduring Appeal Of Classic Style: “Camel Hair” On The Man Of Style

Consider the timeless and distinctive layer of Camel Hair. A classic and polished appeal that endures. Although available in many neutral colors, including a range from light, reddish brown to black, the golden tan is the classic color of Camel Hair distinction. It is the warm color of the golden camel in its purest form that my focus of appreciation falls upon. The warm, light woolen textile of Camel Hair combined with wool or cotton continues to lure us. Although fashions designs are altered and changed each passing season, the classic and timeless fabric of Camel Hair remains an enduring element in fashion.

Whether found as a top coat of outerwear, a belted trench, a wrap coat, a cape or a classic blazer of ivy league distinction, the Camel Hair coat is a timeless classic. Ideal for the Fall and Winter Seasons, the Camel Hair garment endures in its fashionable appeal of warmth and golden hue of color



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    1. Thank you, Angie! I am delighted that you are now inspired to seek out a “Camel Hair” garment. For certain, it will endure as a staple within the collection of your wardrobe. Thanks for sharing!

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