City Inspirations: Chicago In November

City Inspirations:  Chicago In November

Chicago in November. On a day when the temperature high was expected to reach 24 degrees, I ventured by train to the city of Chicago. Layers of clouds filled the gray sky and the occasional release of snowflakes filtered downward, verifying that the journey ahead was to be a cool one. With wind gusts coasting at around 30 miles an hour, the experience in the Windy City was one in which I was prepared for. Layered in warmth. Prepared and well seasoned, having walked these city streets as a past resident. Yet perhaps, face exposed, the chill was inescapable but unstoppable to keep me from the journey of commitment that began in January. A commitment to solo travel to Chicago, once a month, with the sole purpose of seeking inspiration and appreciation of the city by Lake Michigan. Camera in hand. Eleven months strong, each month and each season has provided lasting impressions and inspirations

Seasonal Greens & Festive Display  Of The Holidays
Seasonal Greens & Festive Display Of The Holidays

And of my journey through the city streets filled with shoppers? The arrival of the Holiday frenzy had certainly arrived on the city streets. Indeed, boughs of greenery and ribbons of crimson red were already layered throughout the streets and adorning the storefronts. But the days activity and growing crowds were filling the city streets with a different intent. The evening would promise a jubilant parade and stunning lighting of the “Magnificent Mile” of Michigan Avenue. Alas, my departure would be before Santa strode by the anticipating crowds that would line the shopping metropolis of Michigan Avenue. Yet the excitement brought forth additional energy that found my feet traveling even faster through the pavements filled with crowds. Was it the cold winds that pushed me onward? Perhaps it helped, but it is the life of a city that continually inspires me. Chicago in November. A visual delight…

State Street, Chicago Loop
State Street, Chicago Loop

And of the windows that merchandized a new season that lends itself to dazzling accoutrements and festive embellishments? Holiday appeal, for certain. Sequined and feathered paired with the iconic black bow tie repeated the theme consistently viewed from behind the windows. The classics endure. As, of course, does the elegance behind the windows of Chanel. Layered pearls and timeless knits. Very, very Chanel.

Chanel Boutique:  Michigan Avenue, Chicago
Chanel Boutique: Michigan Avenue, Chicago
State & Madison, Chicago Loop:  The former "Carson Pirie Scott" Building Of Architectural Distinction
State & Madison, Chicago Loop: The former “Carson Pirie Scott” Building, A Window Of Architectural Distinction

Of course, my lens seeks inspiration in the details of life…architectural details. The architectural embellishment that grace the facades of the city’s structures continually brings my eyes and the lens of my camera upward. It is not unusual for my lens to bring the focus of passerby’s upward. On this trip, however, while capturing the architectural details carved within the stone of a building within the financial district near the Chicago Board of Trade in the loop, a dapper gentleman paused beside me and, following my lens, also looked upward. Turning to me, he informed me that he has worked within that building for years and had never noticed the details. He had never looked “up”. Until now. Proceeding to thank me, he stated that he was now inspired to return with his own camera and photograph this very building and the city. Ponderings and inspirations. The inner joy in being the cause of another’s sudden awareness of beauty that surrounds? Paramount. Paramount to all of us. Look around you with renewed perspective. Wherever you reside. Whichever city streets you tread upon. Look up, look around and discover, with sincere appreciation the beauty of what surrounds. The craftsmanship. The details. Life and it’s offerings viewed with appreciation. And the photo that led another to pause and appreciate? Details of distinction captured in the image below…

Architectural Details Of Distinction:  Inspiration
Architectural Details Of Distinction: Inspiration

To travel through the city streets of Chicago, to have access to this wonderful city, is a gift itself. Never will I tire of walking through the city. For there is always an architectural detail to find, to appreciate. There will always be changing scenes of fashionable display behind the windows that lure me. There will always be the energy gained from being amidst those that fill the city streets. Energy and life of a city. City inspirations, indeed…



4 thoughts on “City Inspirations: Chicago In November

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! There is, indeed, so much “eye candy” for inspiration within the city of Chicago. Within any city, that is. I certainly appreciate the benefit of living near this great city…

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