City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In January

Fashionable Windows Of Inspiration:  Chicago In January
Fashionable Windows Of Inspiration: Chicago In January

Fashionable windows constantly evolve and transform. These windows of fashion’s force continue to lure me. A changing visual from behind my lens. Inspiration. Inspiration refers to “an unconscious burst of creativity”. Oh, the inspiration from behind the thick panes of glass that delight me!

The Art of Window Display has always intrigued me. For certain, the artistry behind the window display deserves focus and appreciation. As I have written in a past post, window display is the art of retail merchandising at its finest. Creating a visual story to intrigue and delight the eye of the continually passing audience. Of course, the goal of any window is to not only to stop pedestrian traffic but draw us into the store. The responsibility that the window designer must shoulder! Indeed, their work is showcased and on display for all on a daily basis. Whether a simple and understated display of mannequins layered in designs of high style or sublime excess of an artistic display of fantasy, the art of window display is pure magic. Each window a collage of striking mannequins against detailed or simple backdrops. Visual eye candy for those that pass by to delight in, either way. The passion for design and creative energies that these window designers possess must be limitless. Not to mention the time invested in continually planning thought provoking or attractive and appealing displays. Of course, one cannot focus on the windows of fashion without a nod of appreciation to the Art of The Mannequin. Form, fashion and function, indeed.

How exhilarating to see the changing transformations behind the glass panes of fashion’s force. Iconic storefronts that create magical and whimsical displays to inspire. To inspire desire, for certain. Fashionable window display is inspiration. Possibility and whimsy. Whether timeless and classic embellishments to adorn ourselves or the whimsy and fantasy removed from reality, fashion’s ability to continually evolve creates an excitement that will always lure my camera lens…

Fashion's Changing Display:  Chicago's Windows In January
Fashion’s Changing Display: Chicago’s Windows In January
Awaiting Windows:  The Magic Of Window Display
Awaiting Windows: The Magic Of Window Display

To appreciate fashion, the windows that line a city’s storefronts are always worth viewing. Delight and inspiration is sure to follow. Appreciation of an art form. Fashionable windows of Chicago in January. A city of visual inspiration, indeed

A few more thoughts…
About those strong, cold winds that meet you with force on the streets of Chicago in January? Worth enduring, for certain. The beauty and the gift of a city surpasses any weather condition that may be encountered. Seasonal affects paired with attitude.

About the reflections of the city scenes captured while focussing on the fashionable window scene? Part of what we all see upon glancing at the windows. Part of the delight, indeed….



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