City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In February

City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In February

A brilliant blue and sun filled sky overhead brought warmth to a breezy day in the “Windy City” of Chicago. Window shopping. Although still layered in garments of warmth, I joined the mass of shoppers and city dwellers in search of warmer inspiration. Alas, it is still February and I am in Chicago. Regardless, my visit by train continually brings me inspiration. The “Month of Love” finds me continually falling in love with the city that endures to inspire me. Chicago. As with any city, the windows that line fashionable streets can inspire. Changing windows. Changing perspectives. Fashion’s windows draw me in. The lens of my camera is continually lured by the magic of display. Changing display. Not yet past Winter, craving the warmth of Spring, the windows provide a visual of seasonal change ahead…

Chanel Boutique, Michigan Avenue/Chicago
Chanel Boutique, Michigan Avenue/Chicago

And of Chanel’s display and vision of ocean liner travel? Striking, indeed. Iconic Chanel. Travel is ahead. Escape is an option we all contemplate. Perhaps it can be said that the windows that hold fashion’s stylish mannequins are styled to allow us to imagine. To dream. To escape. To become “lost” in a fashionable moment, indeed. If but for a moment. That is truly what this visual compilation is. A moment in time taken to capture and share inspiration…

Iconic Branding:  Georges Marciano's "GUESS"
Iconic Branding: Georges Marciano’s “GUESS”

For those that recall the 1980’s world of Georges Marciano’s GUESS, an appreciation of an enduring, iconic emblem is due. The coveted jeans and logo of my younger years. A visual window tribute of GUESS’s 30 Year Anniversary. The heritage behind the brand whose hallmark represented a world of denim paired with “sexy” now proclaims “Discover the timelessness of sexy”. Indeed, GUESS has succeeded at that. “30 Sexy Years”, they have earned. “Invented in the past and reimagined in the future”. For certain, the world that Marciano created and forged deserves it’s own focus and appreciation beyond my brief visual acknowledgment. Either way, the windows emblazoned with the memorable images of Claudia Schiffer and various distinctive faces of GUESS proves that although fashion changes and evolves, there is a timelessness that remains to those elements of classic style. Denim’s appeal never fades. Especially when paired with feminine beauty & sultry, seductive appeal…

And of the “Month of Love” that February holds? What better acknowledgment of proclaiming love than windows filled with wedded dreams and bridal fantasy? Lost in a dream world, indeed…

Windows Of  WeddedDreams:  Macy's/State Street
Windows Of WeddedDreams: Macy’s/State Street
Distinctive & Fashionable Window Styling
Distinctive & Fashionable Window Styling

Take a moment, the next time you walk a city’s streets, to appreciate the visuals set before you behind large panes of glass. Reflective glass that allows you to view the fashionable scene and the city’s reflection simultaneously. Two scenes that provide delight paired with the energy of a city that swirls around you. Changing windows. Changing display and changing fashion. May you find inspiration from the windows of Chicago, and the windows of the city or cities that surround you. Details to be appreciated, indeed…


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