“Lambrequins” & “Pelmets” : Window Adornment Of Distinctive, Tailored Style

Custom Designs Of Interior Style:  Pelmet Boards
Custom Designs Of Interior Style: Pelmet Boards

Perhaps as our attention is drawn out to the world beyond our windows, the consideration of a distinctive and tailored adornment that frames the window and the view is worthy of consideration….

“Lambrequins” and “Pelmets”. The “Lambrequin” I am referencing is an upholstered piece of decorative drapery hung over the top of a window that it surrounds and is a type of “Pelmet” with elongated sides . A“Pelmet” is described as a decorative board above the curtain that is slightly padded and upholstered. Of interest, the word “Lambrequin” itself is termed as “a short piece of decorative drapery hung over the top of a door or window or draped from a shelf or mantelpiece” or “a piece of cloth covering the back of a medieval knight’s helmet, represented in heraldry as the mantling”. Who knew? Yet again, it is the upholstered “Lambrequin” I draw my attention to…

The history of the “Pelmet” and “Lambrequins” began in the 15th century. The art of fabric as decoration for the bed, paired with richly decorated with trims of fringes and tassels, would eventually grace windows that they were applied upon. Who knew? The French originating word “Lambrequin” is a traditional style of window dressing that is also known and referred to as a “Valance”. Elaborate variations of the “Valance” included ornate overhang swags and draped treatments that hung from a wooden “Cornice” (the uppermost section of moldings along the top of a wall). Variations of window decorating, for certain. Yet it is the fabric upholstered structure or tailored form that graces the window that my focus is upon. Alas, the art of drapery paired with the skill of the upholsterer has evolved and has endured. Structured window dressing of distinctive style, indeed.

Drawings Of Distinctive Style: “Pelmets”
The Stylized "Lambrequin"
The Stylized “Lambrequin”

Of course, fashionable interiors continually evolve. Perhaps these attention demanding formations that were once associated with overly layered interiors of heavier appeal have taken center stage once again with the visual tailored appeal they offer in modern interiors. As with fashion, modifications to the classic window adornment bring the “Pelmet” and “Lambrequin” into a world that is styled less formally yet offers and holds an enduring tailored appeal. The elegantly tailored “Lambrequin” or “Pelmet” provide a decorative appeal to dressing the window. The formal and uncluttered and traditional appeal paired with a modern spin is striking within modern and classic interiors of today. An interior design element placed upon a window that visually enhances not only the window, but certainly gives distinction to the room it towers over

Adorned Windows Of Distinction:  Cornices
Adorned Windows Of Distinction: “Pelmets” & “Lambrequins”
Classic "Window Dressing":  The Embellishment Of The Pelmet
Classic “Window Dressing”: The Embellishment Of The “Pelmet”
"Lambrequins":  Window Dressing With A Flourish
“Lambrequins”: Window Dressing With A Flourish
Window Views Of Distinction:  The Pelmet On Display
Window Views Of Distinction: The “Pelmet” On Display
The Pelmet: Structured Forms Of Elegance
The “Pelmet”: Structured Forms Of Elegance

Consider the embellishment of window dressing with these “crowns” that layer above the window. Alas, the classic form over a bed is certainly an option, as well! Yet for the window, perhaps the adornment of the distinctive “Lambrequin” or “Pelmet” adds an unexpected, modern panache to our current interiors. Traditional and classic, “Lambrequins” and “Pelmets” continue to hold timeless appeal. Perhaps with modern simplicity they will continue to evolve and endure as an element of interior style. Tailored style with personal, stylistic choices that abound. Appreciation of a classic element, either way. Window adornment of distinctive, tailored style, indeed.



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