City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In April

Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In April
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In April

Chicago in April. On a day in which temperatures were not expected to reach above 55 degrees with winds stirring, I embarked by train into the great city of Chicago. April in a city that is unpredictable. Yet this time, the grass from the train window was a brilliant and vibrant green. Newly budded flowering trees had begun to bloom and fresh mulch changed the scenery. A late Spring in Illinois, but a beautiful new beginning! The world that surrounds was changing. The thrill, however, of arriving onto the city streets of Chicago never ceases for me and always remains unchanged. In fact, I require and crave to walk the streets filled with the energy and life that only a city can offer. The excitement of life and its vastness is certainly available to serve as a reminder to us all when among the throngs of people in a city.

And of my destination? Alas, aside from the appreciation of the city that surrounds, it is a fashionable quest. To capture through my camera the evolving fashions of the changing seasons. And of the windows that lined the streets with fashionable inspirations? They beckon me time and time again. Fashion is always changing. Evolving. Aside from the tried-and-true classics, the mélange of unexpected patterns and “trending” styles prove that like the seasons, fashion can be fleeting. An appreciation either way. April brought forth floral fantasy paired with Spring’s prerequisites: the classic trench coat and of course, an umbrella. Fashion and reality, indeed…

City Inspirations:  Fashion's Windows In Chicago
City Inspirations: Fashion’s Windows In Chicago

And to my delight? To arrive at the windows of Ralph Lauren’s Michigan Avenue store was a highlight for certain. A larger-than-life, colossal sized handbag grandly sat, beckoning, behind the window of Ralph Lauren. A classic, in black and white delight, with visual impact, for certain!

Colossal Impact:  Ralph Lauren's Larger-Than-Life Handbag Michigan Avenue/Chicago
Colossal Impact: Ralph Lauren’s Larger-Than-Life Handbag
Michigan Avenue/Chicago
Floral  & Fantasy:  Fashionable Windows In April/Chicago
Floral & Fantasy: Fashionable Windows In April/Chicago
Cole Haan:  Fashion As A shaped Object:  "Drivers" On Display
Cole Haan: Fashion As A shaped Object: “Drivers” On Display
Chicago:  Fashion's  Street Display In April
Chicago: Fashion’s Street Display In April

To pause at a fashionable window with my camera poised is a cause and affect. The cause and my purpose was to capture the artistry and the essence of the season’s fashion and the affect is the attention of passerby’s who follow the aim of my lens. Appreciation. Rather than dash through the streets, those that catch my focus and aim also focus on the attractive displays created to appeal. And appealing they are! In all the finery and seasonal accoutrements, the mannequins that are displayed in the windows certainly can delight the eye…

Consider the fashionable windows that surround the city streets. An appreciation of the changing season and the artistry behind the scenes is certainly a worthy consideration. Spring and all of its pomp has arrived behind the fashionable windows of Chicago, indeed…



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