City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In June

City Inspirations:  Chicago In June

On a June morning in which dense fog initially filled the skies and settled closely into the city surrounds, I arrived to the great city of Chicago by train. Fog and occasional mists couldn’t penetrate the excitement that the city streets provide. Inspiration abounds. On this trip, I again sought inspiration from the windows of fashion’s visual display. Through my lens the large glass panes that create a reflection of the city streets behind me added to the appeal. Changing visuals set before me and those that pass by on the sidewalks that line the “Magnificent Mile” of Michigan Avenue. Changing scenery that monthly lures me back to seek and capture from behind my lens the art of fashion. Timeless elements as well as trends that beckon the of-the-moment fashion seekers. Appreciation either way. Of course, my focus on fashion’s art form is continual. The art of the mannequin, indeed…

Foggy Day In Chicago In June
Foggy Day In Chicago In June

Although fashion’s forward thinking presented Fall impressions of pending appeal, alas, it is the warmth of the Summer Season that is upon us and beckons us to remove layers and bask in the Summer sunshine we have so eagerly anticipated. Particularly for those of us in the Midwest. Relishing the warmth, for certain.

And of my favorite windows that my attention and my lens focussed upon during this June journey through the city streets of Chicago? Ralph Lauren’s windows of luxury and comfort. A neutral delight. Beige and creamy hues of fashionable and textural bliss paired with elegance. Typical Ralph Lauren. Lifestyle visually stated, for certain.

Ralph Lauren/Michigan Avenue:  Neutral Delight
Ralph Lauren/Michigan Avenue: Neutral Delight

Of course, there are the windows of the Chanel Boutique. This month Chanel’s windows presented a fashionable representation of an American road trip, Chanel style, complete with an American flag bunting dotted with the iconic logo of the interlocking double “C’s”. With a hint of Fall’s future, the window’s also provided Seasonal inspiration paired with the textural and layered interest. Beckoning my lens, indeed.

Chanel Boutique/Michigan Avenue:  "American Road Trip" Chanel Style
Chanel Boutique/Michigan Avenue: “American Road Trip” Chanel Style
Fashionable Windows:  Chicago In June
Fashionable Windows: Chicago In June

Consider the windows of fashion to inspire you. Whether it is accessories of high style, the style ensembles presented or the mere fantasy that fashion represents, an appreciation of the windows of fashion is certainly worthwhile. A changing art form in which I continually seek to find timeless elements among the trends. As Coco Chanel famously stated, “Fashion changes, but style endures”. A visual appreciation of fashion’s windows, indeed…


Reflections In The Window: Kristin Paglialong, "Behind The Lens"/Chicago
Reflections In The Window: Myself, “Behind The Lens”/Chicago

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