City Snapshots: Chicago’s “Taste Of Chicago”/Summer 2014

Chicago's "Outdoor Picnic":  The "Taste Of Chicago"
Chicago’s “Outdoor Picnic”: The “Taste Of Chicago”

Perhaps there is nothing quite like what the Summer season can offer within a city

On the final day of the four day free city outdoor festival, a “4-Star Feastoval of Food & Fun”, the “Taste Of Chicago”, throngs of tourists, city dwellers and Chicago natives hit the pavement with hunger and anticipation. Held in Grant Park, along Columbus Drive between Jackson Boulevard and Congress Parkway, Chicago’s “City Picnic” awaited. Quite a “Taste”, indeed. The heat of the sun that penetrated through the crowds encouraged many to seek the shaded shelter retreat under the canopy of trees that lined the streets parkways. For others, the sun’s rays were welcomed: Summer had finally settled within Chicago. Scents of delicacies beckoned from the tented booths that lined the fairways. Catcalls from behind the tents to lure the passerby’s paired with the wafting smells of delight that filtered through the crowds. Options and choices for all that arrived to partake the offerings.

The “Taste” features “several thousand servings” of an array of the city’s favorites. “Taste” portions provide a sampling of the different menu items with local, national & international flair and certainly showcased the diverse culinary scene of Chicago. Did I mention that there are always iconic Chicago classics? One cannot stray far without a Chicago hot dog in sight. Beyond a “Taste”, full sized portions are available for those that simply need more of a coveted culinary treat. Delights exchanged for tickets bought on site. Of course, there are always daily “Pop Up” restaurants that appear to further delight “Taste” guests. The lineup of more than 60 restaurants and food trucks certainly delighted. Culinary bliss within the surrounds of the great city, for certain. Referred to as “The world’s largest food festival”, the “Taste” also provides live music from multiple stages. The music filled the streets adding further energy to the crowds that took over the city streets throughout the “Taste”. Something for everyone, indeed. Of note, it is said that over 3 million throng this event, making it the “hottest” party in the city. Alas, it was certainly “Hot”. A party? Indeed…

Chicago's "Picnic In The Park":  The "Taste Of Chicago" 2014
Chicago’s “Picnic In The Park”: The “Taste Of Chicago” 2014 (July 9-13)
Culinary Delights Within The City Streets:  The "Taste Of Chicago"
Culinary Delights Within The City Streets: The “Taste Of Chicago”
City Pleasures: Culinary "Tastes" On Chicago's Streets
City Pleasures: Culinary “Tastes” On Chicago’s Streets
Beckoning Culinary Offerings:  The "Taste Of Chicago"
Beckoning Culinary Offerings: The “Taste Of Chicago”

For further respite from the heated streets paired with masses of people surrounding oneself, a mere walk to the lakefront is all that is needed. Past the iconic Buckingham Fountain, the lake breezes off the massive, great Lake Michigan furthers the assets that this great city provides. Chicago is certainly an amazing city in the Summertime. Perfection, indeed…

Buckingham Fountain & The Great Lake Michigan: Chicago's Attractions
Buckingham Fountain & The Great Lake Michigan: Chicago’s Attractions
Until Next Year...Chicago's "Taste Of Chicago"
Until Next Year…Chicago’s “Taste Of Chicago”

Whatever city you dwell within or near, consider the events that will evolve around you. Summer and the luxury of outdoor entertainment that the season provides us are worthwhile events for all to attend and dwell within. Whether while under the canopy of the sky you require a brief, breezy retreat from the sun or prefer soaking in the rays that blaze from above, the moments and offerings of life presented before us are ours to embrace. Life and each day that is presented is a gift. Embrace it. Embrace the city that surrounds you, as I do Chicago. A “Taste” of the Snapshots of life, indeed…


Myself, Behind The Lens City Streets of Chicago
Myself, Behind The Lens
City Streets/”Taste of Chicago”

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