City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In July

City Inspirations:  Fashion's Impact In Chicago
City Inspirations: Fashion’s Impact In Chicago

On a sultry Summer day I boarded a train for the great city of Chicago. Brilliant blue skies were met with anticipation of the city streets and the visuals that awaited. For me, it is always the energy of the city paired with the delights of fashion merchandising that await from the large, vast windows that also reflect the city scene. Fashion’s evolving appeal. An evolution of changing windows continually greets as I walk the city streets in search of fashionable inspiration. The art of the window. The art of fashion.

This particular journey to the “Windy City” was the warmest visit yet. Billowy clouds overhead briefly shaded the sun while warm lake breezes filled the streets, refreshing the masses of city dwellers and tourists. Of courses, breezes off Lake Michigan can certainly cause one to hold onto one’s hat. And mine? My perennial Summer favorite covering- a straw Panama hat. A brimmed and light fashion shield, for certain.

And of the fashion forecast? Layerings of Fall fashion ahead. “Pre-Fall” fashion, as deemed from the windows of Neiman Marcus. Luxury fashion houses that dot the streets off Michigan Avenue offer further high-end offerings on the verge of a changing season. In the heat of Summer, welcomed wholeheartedly, fashion is always ahead. Layers and embellishments that transcend the season. Walking past the windows one cannot help but pause to view the ensembles attractively and artistically presented. Visual displays that inspire. And from behind the lens? My camera continues to frame what I see. Selecting aspects of fashion, perhaps, that stand out. Capturing fashion and its changing elements.

A visual journey from behind the lens…

Changing Fashion:  Behind  The Glass Windows Of Chicago
Changing Fashion: Behind The Glass Windows Of Chicago
Offerings Of Style:  Fashion's Windows In Chicago
Offerings Of Style: Fashion’s Windows In Chicago
City Scene:  Fashion's Inspirations In Chicago
City Scene: Fashion’s Inspirations In Chicago
The Windows Of Chanel/Michigan Avenue/Chicago
The Windows Of Chanel/Michigan Avenue/Chicago
Eighties Impact: "Fashion Rocks"
Eighties Impact: “Fashion Rocks”
The Evolution Of Fashion & It's Changes:  Mannequins Waiting
The Evolution Of Fashion & It’s Changes: Mannequins Waiting

Alas, fashion is always changing. Some elements fade while some remain. Tried and true. Yet to appreciate fashion is to appreciate the evolving art form that it is. Whether it is the seasons newest bold statement or changes that are subtly rooted in the classics, consider with appreciation the fashionable offerings presented from behind the glass pane windows. Fashion’s art form, for certain. Fashionable windows of Chicago that inspire, indeed…



2 thoughts on “City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In July

    1. Delighted you also adore the view from the streets into fashion’s changing visuals. My camera yearns to returns to New York City to capture the artistry! A former Long Islander, I recall the striking fashionable displays that captivated me in NYC. Thank you for sharing!

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