The Heralded Arrival Of Fashion’s Glossies: Fall’s “September Issue”

Newsstand Favorites:  Fashion Magazines
Newsstand Favorites: Fashion Magazines

The September issue has hit the newsstands for over a week. The anticipation is now over. Fashion’s glossies have done it again. They beckon us successfully every September and we have immersed ourselves within the volume of glossy pages of high style. Yet another look is warranted for the appreciation of the heralded arrival of these glossies of fashionable style

In the world of fashion, September is the most anticipated issue of the year. Alas, there is nothing bigger than the September issue. For eleven of the twelve months of the year, there in no rush greater for the tome of fashion’s glossies than the September issue. It is when late August approaches that the rush for a copy (or copies) of the famous “September Issue” from the leaders in fashion magazines arrives. It has been said that one out of every 10 American women read the September Vouge issue. Perhaps we can certainly add to that mix the glossies of Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Although the thick volumes filled with advertising of the latest styles, trends and classics may verge on the essence of fantasy, perhaps that is what we crave. Perhaps it is the way in which we decide what we will buy and imagine the styles we would choose if we could buy from the designers filled within the fashionable volumes of style. Perhaps fashion’s September magazines have always caused a stir for the audience that sought the inspiration. Although the size of the magazine has increased in decades forward, the world of fashion’s history precedes us

Vintage Vouge:  The September Issue Of 1923
Vintage Vouge: The September Issue Of 1923

At an early age, my first love of the glossies of fashion found me often at the local “Stationary” store in the late 1800’s harbor town of Northport, New York. A store that offered newspapers, cigars and bubble gum, it was from this classic store that would mark the beginning of my love of fashion’s print. If the vintage store itself wasn’t enticing enough, the stacks and layers of magazines that it held was a highlight to splurge upon with my hard earned cash. The power of print and fantasy. Of course, through the years, I moved beyond the issues of Seventeen magazine of the 1980’s onto Vouge, Harper’s Bazaar & Elle and a personal favorite, Mirabella (1989-2000). Years later, I too, would purchase the magazines of fashion from the street vendor establishments on the streets of NYC. Alas, my love of the pages of fashion still endures

September is considered the “January of fashion” and is deemed to be the beginning of the retail calendar. Thus, the September issue coincides with the fresh start to a new fashion year. It is no wonder that weighing in as the heaviest magazine issue of the year, the tomes of glossy pages are among the finest in fashion’s print. In the business of print the release of the September issue validates that print is still thriving as a source of marketing and media. The fashion world’s September issues are certainly among the most influential markers of the industry’s year. Advertising print at its finest. Print certainly lives on amidst the world-wide-web’s lure for those who do not require to linger on the glossy pages of print. Although the world of digital magazines thrives in its own right, I state the case for the tactile possession of volumes of glossy images. As one who covets the art of advertising and expanded editorials in the thick September issues, this issue is considered as a fashion manual for both publishers and their advertisers, both eager to excite the readers and the press. The mere heft of the September issues also assures us once a year that the industry of fashion continues to flourish. Although the page totals have teetered back and forth over the last few years, the first pivotal year for Vouge was its biggest issue in 2012 of 658 pages. A record number! And of the current September issue of Vouge? This year’s Vouge magazine is no exception with its page tally at “856 pages of spectacular Fall fashion”. Spectacular, indeed. This “doorstopper” issue excites us with all of its authoritative edict on how to add key elements to one’s Fall wardrobe. Personal style always wins, yet on over 800 pages of glossies, inspiration surely has to be found by all…

My Personal Favored Covers:  September Issues 2014
My Personal Favored Covers: September Issues 2014

Alas, when the September issues are revealed, the larger question seems to be who will grace the cover? I eagerly cling to the belief that the world of fashion will return to its fashion icons- the fashion models that present the clothes in great artistry. To me, the cover speaks. I seek not a Hollywood actress or pop-star, but fashion. A model. Alas, a platform I have once expounded upon in a recent post “The Return To The Cover”. Fashion and its art form has always been entwined with the model. And to my delight? Deemed as Fashion’s new “Instagirls”, Models were on the cover of Vouge’s September issue once again. And the iconic face that has graced many, many covers of fashion? The timeless supermodel, Linda Evangelista graces Harper’s Bazaar. A return to fashion and the icons that become fashion, indeed. Of course, there may be several covers by a magazine for the September issues. Variety and interest. I must add that there are also the European issues to be smitten with. Fashion certainly covers the world in style

2006 Comedy/Drama Of  Insight Into Fashion's Inner World
2006 Comedy/Drama Of Insight Into Fashion’s Inner World

One cannot talk about a “September Issue” in fashion without acknowledging to pivotal films that rocked the world with behind the scene insights into the world of fashion and coined the phrase “September Issue”…
In the 2006 film, “Devil Wears Prada”, written by Laura Weisberger, a former assistant to Vouge’s iconic editor, Anna Wintour, gave readers a further look at fashion magazines and their editors. The world of fashion exposed behind the scenes. Who wouldn’t have their interest piqued at a look behind the lens of fashion? In August of 2009 RJ Cutler released a documentary about the inner workings of Vouge magazine under the reins of Anna Wintour. For certain, insight was gained into the inner world of fashion’s day to day happenings behind the iconic magazine. A world of red lipstick and cameras, these movies will endure to inspire those of us that appreciate the massive efforts of what it takes to create the magic of fashion.

The Pinnacle "September Issue" 2009 Documentary
The Pinnacle “September Issue” 2009 Documentary

So what is it that lures us each September? Perhaps it is a “Reset” that we seek. The changing of the seasons consistently remains a “reset button” for women’s wardrobes. Heralded by the arrival of the weighty September issue a “Fresh Start” is presented. These pivotal glossies set the tone for Fall style. As September is considered the beginning of a new year for fashion, perhaps there is no other month taken more seriously in the world of fashion. Perhaps it is partially due to the fact of the lingering mentality of back-to-school shopping and updating wardrobes for the upcoming school year. Alas, Fall certainly offers an array of layerings. Of course, the first shipments of Fall clothing are unveiled and hit the shelves in August right around the time that the September issues are delivered. Boots, pants and coats of seasonal layering paired with accessory updates that transform our look. Post the minimalism of Summer and its “Less is more” lightweight style, the pending arrival of the Fall and Winter seasons offers fashion excitement. Alas, who doesn’t crave a new, sumptuous leather handbag of classic style?

Beyond the large volumes of glossy print to inspire, what of the use of these magazines of fashion as a decorative element within our interior worlds? Alas, for those of us that remain connected to a world that dwells in fantasy and yet reality, these source books of fashion are a part of our worlds. Like stacks of books we retain to review or promissory visuals of committing time to truly read the editorials beyond studying the photographic visuals that delight, fashion magazines are elements that deserve a spot in our spaces. For certain, they represent our awareness of a changing world of fashion and the excitement of redefining our own personal style. Visuals of style on display…in stacks and on walls. Fashion lives on

Glossies Of Striking Styles:  Fashion's  Elements of Interior Decoration & Inspiration
Glossies Of Striking Styles: Fashion’s Elements of Interior Decoration & Inspiration
Fashionable Inspirations:  Glossies On Display
Fashionable Inspirations: Glossies On Display
Anticipated Issues Of Fashionable Style:  Displayed
Anticipated Issues Of Fashionable Style: Displayed

Consider fashion’s glossies. Delivering trends and forecasting fashion while pairing the ever enduring classics, reinterpreted for a new season of style. Fashion’s print presented in an enticing array of stylized appeal. A heralded arrival, or ritual, if you will, of style…


“Create your own style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others” – Anna Wintour

“You either know fashion or you don’t”- Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour

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