City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In September

Fashionable Windows Of Chicago in September
Fashion’s Windows Of Chicago in September

On a beautiful Fall day that incorporated blue skies and soft Autumn breezes, I ventured into the city of Chicago, Camera in hand. Not unlike my other monthly visits, I sought inspiration from behind the windows of fashion’s merchandising. The magic of window display continually lures me…

The change of seasons was evident with the shoppers and city dwellers that filled the streets. A mixed visual of Fall boots and sweaters paired with those that still clung to the lightweight dressing of Summer. Alas, seasons inevitably change.

And of the windows of fashion that delight the eye? From behind my lens the windows of fashion are “eye candy”. Pure delight. Those that appeal to me beckon me to frame the view from behind the lens of my camera. Inspiration captured. Beyond my usual excited anticipation, perhaps the apparent arrival of a new season provides a new anticipation. Something different. Something unexpected that will lure us. Expectations. What will Fall bring? What embellishments of style are needed to add to our seasonal attire? For certain, whether I discovered those answers on this trip down Chicago’s fashionable streets or not, what remains is a continual appreciation for the world of fashion and the windows that are staged to speak to us. Fashion’s force, indeed

Burberry's Fashionable Chicago Windows In September
Burberry’s Launch: My Burberry, A New Fragrance For Women

The windows of Burberry heralded the launch and arrival of a new fragrance for women, My Burberry. Featuring the timeless beauty of icon Kate Moss paired with the rising status of the striking model Cara Delevingne. Sure to be timeless. A fragrance that can be marked with your personalized monogram– quite a concept! The windows beckoned a scent of the new fragrance to waft towards me. Marketing perfection.

Of course, there are many other windows that continually lure me…

Ralph Lauren's Elegance/Chicago In September
Ralph Lauren’s Elegance/Chicago In September
Changing Style:  Chanel Boutique/Chicago
Changing Style: Chanel Boutique/Chicago
Neiman Marcus/Chicago: The Art Of Fashion/20 Years
Neiman Marcus/Chicago: The Art Of Fashion/20 Years

A nod to Neiman Marcus and the visual acknowledgment from behind the windows to two decades of “provocative imagery that honors legends of style and design”. The Art of Fashion campaign was launched in 1994 as 24-page portfolio in Harper’s Bazaar, the campaign featured “30 forward-thinking designer looks shot by one of the world’s most iconic photographers, Richard Avedon”. The campaign is stated to have been on of “the first of its kind, leaving an indelible mark in fashion history”. An indelible mark, indeed. Cheers to fashion imagery!

Kate Spade's Memorable Windows:  Oak Street/Chicago
Kate Spade’s Memorable Windows: Oak Street/Chicago

To acknowledge the fashionable inspiration found behind the large glass panes that separate us from the fantasy created behind the windows, one must applaud the visual display found extruding from the glass itself. A mass of patent leather, hot pink pumps attached to the windows of Kate Spade’s Oak Street boutique is certain to catch one’s attention. Creativity paired with unexpected, indeed.

Chicago in September
Chicago in September

Of course, inspiration is found on the streets of Chicago. Alas, a season’s change perhaps brings with it the appeal and desire for a new palette of color. A fresh palette,Chanel style. Stacked outdoor cafe chairs under the Chicago loop tracks are a visual reminder of the season’s apparent end approaching. Soon, the chairs that line the streets, which beckon us to perch and dine, will disappear upon the arrival of Autumn’s chill into Winter. Season’s change, indeed. For certain, the chairs will return again and the city that explodes with life in the Summer months will endure to appeal to us. The evolution of a city, for certain.

With appreciation, consider the fashionable windows of a city that surrounds you. The artistry and mere beauty of fashion’s representation is worthy of noticing. It is always changing. An art form to inspire. For me, I shall never tire of seeking it’s thrill. Seeking the windows of fashion that inspire. My commitment to return to these great city streets to find inspiration has become a monthly commitment that I have held to for one year and 9 months. Onward. Perhaps it is a personal “vitamin”, if you will. In a city that I had once lived within and worked within on the pristine streets of the fashionable Michigan Avenue, Chicago continues to hold an allure for me. History, architecture, Lake Michigan and the streets of Fashion. Perfection.

Consider what surrounds you. With appreciation. Discover the fashionable windows that surround you. Changing visuals of delight, indeed…


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