City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In October

Fashion's Windows Of Chicago In October
Fashion’s Windows Of Chicago In October

An early morning train ride into the city of Chicago provided a visible change in the scenery from the windows of the train. At daybreak, it was evident that the trees had already begun to loose their leaves. The layers of crimson, orange and yellow had begun to fall. Beyond the silhouettes of vacant branches were many trees that still held tightly to their leaves. In addition, it was a morning in which the visual effects of the layers and shadows of the clouds that hung above forecasted the arrival of Fall. Upon hitting the pavement of the city of Chicago, the sound of leaves blowing past me on the sidewalk also marked an evident change since my last monthly visit to this grand city off Lake Michigan. The blowing winds of Autumn that greets the continual lake breezes had settled in. And I love it. Even the mist and gentle rain drops that fell from the gray skies overhead could not penetrate my enjoyment. Alas, it only makes photography a bit challenging.

Being immersed in the city is blissful for me. No matter the conditions that surround, change is inevitable and what remains is beauty and inspiration for us to “soak in” and enjoy. For me, it is a monthly journey for inspiration. Paired with the architecture of this great city, fashionable inspirations from behind the windows lure my camera. A fashionable display that constantly changes like the evolving seasons, it is the artistry displayed and fashionable appeal that beckons my camera lens to focus upon. Classics and modern interpretations of fashionable style. Inspiring. A grouping of images “collected” from my journey throughout the city streets of Chicago…

Camel Colored Hues Behind Fashionable Windows Of Chicago
Camel Colored Hues Behind Fashionable Windows Of Chicago
Fashion's Layers:  October In Chicago
Fashion’s Layers: October In Chicago
Fashionable Impressions Of Autumn Behind Chicago's Windows Of Fashion
Fashionable Impressions Of Autumn Behind Chicago’s Windows Of Fashion
Stylistic Layers Behind Fashion's Windows
Stylistic Layers Behind Fashion’s Windows
The World Of Beauty Inspirations
The World Of Beauty Inspirations

Of course, an acknowledgment of local display- the Joffrey Ballet’s 20th Anniversary celebration. In 1995, “escaping a crowded New York City ballet market, then Joffrey Artistic Director Gerald Arpino relocated the company he had started with Robert Joffrey from the East Coast to Chicago“. Back in the day, in the Fall of 1998, I worked as a temp during the height of the Nutcracker at the Joffrey and had the pleasure to have had met Gerald Arpino. The whole experience was memorable. To see this window pays homage to those memories. “The Joffrey Ballet brings a newly re-imagined Swan Lake to Chicago“. “Set to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s score and modeled from the original Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa choreography”,Swan Lake is staged “in the 19th century milieu of the Paris Opera Ballet, during the time when Tchaikovsky was actually composing Swan Lake and when Edgar Degas was on the rise”. A “re-telling of the classical fantasy”, indeed. From the windows of Macy’s on State Street (Marshall Field’s) the tribute to the school and the ballet of Swan Lake links feathered elegance paired with the beauty and artistry of dance, for certain…

Joffrey Ballet's 20th Year/ "Swan Lake"/Chicago 2014
Celebrating Joffrey Ballet’s 20th Year/”Swan Lake”/Chicago 2014
Fashion Represented On The Streets Of Chicago
Fashion Represented On The Streets Of Chicago

A word that I kept stumbling upon was the word “Layer”. I certainly was layered. Prepared, perhaps. “Layers” is a perfect word to rely upon when one resides in the Midwest or wherever the cool, crisp air settles. Layers were certainly behind the windows of fashion. Seasonal inspirations are always apparent behind the large glass panes of fashion merchandising.

That said, consider the fashionable windows of the city or the cities that surround you. A mere appreciation of the changing scenery that is set to appeal to us deserves our focus. Through my lens I will continue to attempt to capture the essence of the season. Always seeking timeless embellishments and representations of the classic fashion as well as modern interpretations and trends of the moment. All representations of a moment in time. A moment in fashion, that is. And to further my delight? The added bonus from the reflections off the window panes. Seeing others stop and follow my camera’s aim. To cause one to pause, perhaps, from their rush to their destination. Life passes by us quickly. Pause and appreciate. For certain, my appreciation of the fashionable inspirations within a city will endure…



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