In Acknowledgment Of St. Patrick’s Day: “Clover Green” Hues Of Brilliance

"Clover Green" Delight
“Clover Green” Delight

Hues of green. “Clover Green”. In acknowledgment of St. Patrick’s day a visual array of the iconic clover emblem and hues that align with its vibrant color. “Clover Green” hues of brilliance are sure to delight as we embark upon the arrival of Spring

The "Four Leaf Clover": Irish Luck Awaits...
The “Four Leaf Clover”: Luck Awaits…

And of the ultimate symbol of “Good Luck”? Ahh, the four-leaf clover….
The four-leaf clover is an uncommon variation of the more common three-leaved clover. Celtic tradition holds that good luck and magical protection is brought to those that find these uncommon botanical clovers, especially if found accidentally. A stroke of luck, indeed! Each leaf is believed to represent four elements: “Faith, Hope, Love and Luck”. Who knew? Beyond “Luck” itself, the four leaves certainly hold keys to life. It is no wonder the leaves of four are sought! And of the “Shamrock”? In Ireland, a young sprig of three-leaf clover is referred to as a “Shamrock” , which is used as a symbol of Ireland. Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, used the three-leaf clover as a metaphor for the Christian Trinity. A nod to St. Patrick’s Day, indeed. Whether it is a four-leaf clover or a three-leaf clover, a mere appreciation of the leaves of green and the symbolism they hold…

And if you find yourself within a patch of white or red clovers? 10,000 to 1 chances are that what awaits you may be a “Lucky” delight! Until then, an appreciation of the green hues of “clover” within our personal worlds...

Brilliant Hues Of "Clover Green"
Brilliant Hues Of “Clover Green”
Fashioned By Nature:  Green Hues Of Natural Delight  (Photographed By Steven Meisel)
Fashioned By Nature: Green Hues Of Natural Delight
(Photographed By Steven Meisel)

Consider the beauty of the simple leaves of clover. An iconic representation of symbolism that endures. Consider the hues of “Spring Green” of the season we are embarking upon that share the vivid delight of green clover. An appreciation of the color green within our interiors and personal worlds and a nod to the celebrations that unite it

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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