2016 Travel Reflections To A City I Adore: Chicago

Train Tickets To Chicago:  January, February, March & April
Train Tickets To Chicago: January, February, March & April 2016

Travel. Twelve months of traveling by train to the great city of Chicago with a single purpose: seeking and finding inspiration from behind the lens. Energized by the city streets. City love.  From behind the lens. For three years now I have not missed a month by train to my downtown oasis with the purpose of photographing a city and its offerings (and yes, fashion).   This year, I decided to capture the moment of traveling from the simple lens of my iPhone. Each ticket. Each journey. My visual escape with intent. To travel, even if the distance is short by a city’s Metra train, is to expand your world. To travel is to change your viewpoint. To change your state of mind. To travel is to see the world beyond your immediate reality. To travel is to dream. To wish. Collecting moments that last a lifetime. To take yourself on a journey.  And that is a beautiful and worthwhile experience and venture.

“I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more”

– Thomas Jefferson

My Destination...Chicago
My Destination…Chicago

And of these train journey’s of mine? Solo.  For it is when you travel alone that you gain deeper insights and clarity. Moments to be alone in the vastness of your changing surrounds. There is comfort. There is peace in being alone.  Confidently moving forward wherever your feet may take you. That is just what each journey provided. A path for me to wander freely through the city streets. My own journey to discover and in the process, discover more about myself in the process. I was once told that Chicago was an escape for me. That it is and will always be.  But again, we have the choice to expand our world and be exposed to more than what is immediate in our worlds. Create the state; don’t wait.  I choose to loose myself in what gives me joy and inspiration. The city of Chicago. Onward in that. One day it may be a different city.  Change always lies ahead. 2016 was full of change for me.  Embrace the changes and forge onward, always.

Years ago, upon graduating college, I was asked to provide a quote for incoming freshman. Simply stated, it still stands true today for me and has followed me as a constant truth through the years:

Learn as much as you can.
Expand your horizons, and be yourself.

Opportunity. Opportunity to learn, to grow, to expand our horizons.  All the while being confident in who you are. Always being true to yourself. That therein is a beautiful life goal. Every day is truly a gift. Every day is ours to discover and embrace. Always seek to find something beautiful. Something inspiring. Perspective, indeed…

Train Tickets To Chicago:  May, June, July & August 2016
Train Tickets To Chicago: May, June, July & August 2016
Train Tickets To Chicago:  September, October, November & December 2016
Train Tickets To Chicago: September, October, November & December 2016

As a year ends and a New Year is about to begin, I challenge you to seek inspiration in the New Year. Move outside of what is familiar and move forward into the unknown in search of expanding your horizon.  Onward. There is always a ticket waiting to be purchased. A means of travel awaiting you. A destination of your own choice is around the horizon. Sometimes, it is merely a simple and short train ride away…



Inspiration:  What Moves Me
Inspiration: What Moves Me

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Chicago and Me. 2016
Chicago and Me. 2016

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