City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In April

Fashionable Windows In April

Chicago in April. Perhaps it is April when the reality of Spring’s awakening is truly upon us. Spring blooms arrive late in Chicago.  Yet when they do arrive the blooms are breathtaking and rejuvenate those that strut the streets of style and the city itself. To appreciate Spring in a city that anticipates its arrival with heightened awareness is to even further appreciate the gift each day brings…

Spring’s Blooms & Chicago’s Cloud Gate

The windows of fashion once again change to beckon passerby’s with the seasonal shift towards warmer days. Neutrals of classic whites paired with infusions of pastel and floral bliss welcome Spring. Spring green, onward.  Onward to the images captured from behind my lens. A continual monthly visual of fashionable appeal from the streets of high fashion of the great, Windy City of Chicago. Fashion and photography compiled to inspire…

Spring Green On Michigan Avenue: H&M Visual Delights
Neiman Marcus & The Striking Mannequins Of High Style
Black On White Delights: Neiman Marcus
Stylish Form Behind The Windows Of Neiman Marcus
Michael Kors: Floral Delights
Floral Infusion: Michael Kors
Spring Appeal At Kate Spade
Barney’s & Alaia, Paris
Oscar De La Renta Behind Saks 5th Avenue
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
White & Creamy Nuetrals: Ralph Lauren
Jil Sander: Neutral Lineup
Burberry’s: The Classic Trench
Burberry’s: The Classic Trench
“White is Always Right”: Classic Max Mara
Max Mara Style On Michigan Avenue
Chartreuse & Bright Plum: Visual Delights From Max Mara
Fashionable Windows Of Style: Max Mara
Fashionable City Love: Chicago & Max Mara

Oh, for the love of fashion. For the love of a city. For the love of the mannequins of fashionable form that beckon my lens continually. Inspiration a constant. Change is a constant. Consistently do I aim to inspire with sharing images from behind my camera each month. Fashion and the city. May the arrival of Spring inspire you to appreciate the artistry of visual merchandising and the art of fashion itself.  Fashion’s seasonal change awaits. Onward in being inspired no matter where you reside.



Fashionable Reflection: Plumage & The Photographer

City Inspiration: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In January

Chicago's Fashionable Windows In January
Chicago’s Fashionable Windows In January

City Scenes from behind the lens of my camera. Onward into a New Year of photographing the city I adore and the fashionable windows that line its streets. Fashion photography. Mannequins and the world of visual merchandising. Yes, another year. The first month of my fourth full year of photographing the fashionable visuals that change before us on the city streets of Chicago. Constant change. Constant inspiration.

January In Chicago: The Cityscape By The Chicago River
January In Chicago: The Cityscape By The Chicago River

January found me, not surprisingly, walking briskly through the city streets that carried the full force of the Lake breezes. The Windy City, indeed. Coffee and more coffee. For the photographer, when one desires to capture and image, the cold temperatures does not stop the shutter from clicking. However, the need to warm up is always present. For the love of a city and its coffee shops from which to watch the vast world of passerby’s. All with a direction. All with a purpose. City love, indeed. On yet another gray day in the city of Chicago, there was bright and vivid visual appeal behind fashion’s windows. There were inspiring statements that moved me were boldly printed on the windows of Ralph Lauren. The scene was set, my camera was ready, and a compilation awaits of the fashionable windows of Chicago in January….

Ralph Lauren:  Iconic Windows & Iconic Words
Ralph Lauren: Iconic Windows & Iconic Words

From the words of Ralph Lauren…how true a statement.  Timelessness always exudes from behind the expansive windows of Ralph Lauren on Michigan Avenue and beyond.  That very quote I adhere to in my own perspective.  Fashion and trends change, but to hold to a timelessness of style…that therein is a personal goal of mine…

Ralph Lauren: Constant Classics That Endure
Ralph Lauren: Constant Classics That Endure
Ralph Lauren: Classics Endure
Ralph Lauren: Classics Endure
Fashionable Stance:  Ralph Lauren
Fashionable Stance: Ralph Lauren
Pink Hued & Laced Variation: Burberry's Trench
Pink Hued & Laced Variation: Burberry’s Trench
The Windows Of Burberry
The Windows Of Burberry
Salvatore Ferragamo:  Window Distinction
Salvatore Ferragamo: Window Distinction
Denim & Saks Fifth Avenue
Denim & Saks Fifth Avenue
Bottega Veneta:  Pink Hues Of Delight
Bottega Veneta: Pink Hues Of Delight
The Fashionable Windows Of Bottega Veneta
The Fashionable Windows Of Bottega Veneta
Jim Sander:  Timeless Trench & Style
Jim Sander: Timeless Trench & Style
Definitive Prada:  Stylish Display
Definitive Prada: Stylish Display
Fashionable Escada
Fashionable Escada
Striped Appeal:  Michael Kors
Striped Appeal: Michael Kors
Carolina Herrera:  Fashionable Visuals
Carolina Herrera & Hermes: Fashionable Visuals
Fashionable Appeal:  Versace & Brunello Cucinelli
Fashionable Appeal: Versace & Brunello Cucinelli
Chanel Visuals On Michigan Avenue
Chanel Visuals On Michigan Avenue
Marc Jacobs:  Paradise
Marc Jacobs: Paradise
Max Mara:  Visual & Fashionable Delights Abount
Max Mara: Visual & Fashionable Delights Abount
Fashionable Statements:  Max Mara
Fashionable Statements: Max Mara
Visual Delights Of Fashionable Appeal:  Max Mara
Visual Delights Of Fashionable Appeal: Max Mara
Timeless.  Black & White.  Max Mara Style
Timeless. Black & White. Max Mara Style
Fashionable Elements On The City Street
Fashionable Elements On The City Street

Consider once again, in appreciation, the fashionable windows that are before you. The art of visual merchandising can certainly inspire. Whether it is a glance as one passes by or to take in and pause before the large windows of fashion, inspiration and mere energy can perhaps be gained. For one who loves fashion and the art of presenting its form to the world, onward in capturing the year 2017 from behind the lens. Chicago fashion, onward.



Fashion & Reflection:  The
Fashion & Reflection: The Photographer…

PS: For those of you that follow this blog…my life and my personal time has changed. However, my commitment to photographing the fashionable windows of Chicago has become a commitment that I have not waned from. My appreciation of the art form and the world of interior design has not diminished. Periodically, posts will return. For fashion is one mere aspect of what I adore…Onward in sharing pondering and inspirations to living a beautiful life.      Kristin

A New Year Celebration: 5 Years of House Appeal!

January 2012-January 2017:  5 Years Of House Appeal
January 2012-January 2017: 5 Years Of House Appeal

Another milestone. 5 Years of a blog that began in January of 2012. 5 Years of sharing. Five years of compiling images. From behind my lens and sourced from the vast world of the internet.  All with the continuing goal of delving deeper into creating a greater appreciation of what surrounds. Life is a gift. Attitude is destiny.  Appreciation and gratitude is a worthy goal, indeed.

Thank you to each and every one of you that have stumbled upon this blog and have followed along on my journey of sharing and expounding on those things that comprise our world and our lives. With the intent of redefining appreciation for what surrounds us in all aspects of life.  Awaiting our focus. Perhaps it is a greater awareness that brings furthered appreciation. For certain, in every moment there is something beautiful to focus on.  Something to find appreciation for or merely gain a renewed appreciation upon connecting historical background. Renewed perspective. Life moves swiftly. What better goal in our daily lives than to look at the world closer. Ponder with appreciation what surrounds. Ponder what is beautiful, timeless and enduring…

It was in 2014 that I had deemed the word “Onward” as my mantra. In 2017 that word still holds true. A word that is defined as “In a continuing forward direction; ahead” and “going further than coming to an end or halt; moving forward”.  Since 2012 my life has changed vastly. I made personal choices and decisions in 2015 that would change my life forever. Yet change is good. Deciding to make changes, no matter how difficult the journey through them, and actually following through with those decisions, is the key. When you know without any doubts that you are forging in the right direction, it is merely owning the challenges every step of the way. Moving forward. Moving onward. Never doubting yourself. That, therein, is personal growth. Onward, indeed.

So for a blog that covers the world of fashion, interior design, nature, life’s events and city inspirations…onward with the goal of inspiring with ponderings and inspirations of living a beautiful life. Although the blog posts have lessened, the desire to share has not faded. That passion will never fade.

Thank you for being a part of the journey thus far. Onward to inspire…


Kristin Abrahamsen

“You must do the things you think you cannot do” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Selfie.  New Years Eve, 2016
Selfie. New Years Eve, 2016

New Year. New Opportunities. 2017.

Chicago.  New Years Eve, 2016.  KDA


“The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day”

-Edith Lovejoy Pierce

So it is a New Year. New beginnings. New opportunities. New challenges and changes. 365 days of opportunities in which to grow, be inspired and change. Holding to our commitments. Celebrating our successes and forging onward when we stumble. Onward. Always.  Each day ahead is an opportunity to find appreciation and dwell in gratitudes. Onward in all of that…Happy New Year.  Happy new beginnings.  It’s a brand new year.  Forward we go.  Upward and onward, indeed…



Christmas Wishes…

christmas 2016.JPG

This Christmas,  consider the gifts that have been bestowed upon you that do not have a price tag. Consider with appreciation the simple joys of life that surround you and the beliefs you hold in the future that will inspire you forward.  Belief. Trust, Faith and confidence in someone or something. As Christmas is upon us and a year’s end approaches, find appreciation and joy in the past and present moments that you were gifted to experience.  For life itself is a gift.  And of the future? Believe in the good things that are in front of you and that await you.  Life changes.  We change.  So at Christmas and beyond, always believe….

“I believe, I believe.  It’s silly, but I believe” – Miracle On 34th Street

Wishing you and yours  joy and peace at Christmas…


Kristin. Abrahamsen

2016 Travel Reflections To A City I Adore: Chicago

Train Tickets To Chicago:  January, February, March & April
Train Tickets To Chicago: January, February, March & April 2016

Travel. Twelve months of traveling by train to the great city of Chicago with a single purpose: seeking and finding inspiration from behind the lens. Energized by the city streets. City love.  From behind the lens. For three years now I have not missed a month by train to my downtown oasis with the purpose of photographing a city and its offerings (and yes, fashion).   This year, I decided to capture the moment of traveling from the simple lens of my iPhone. Each ticket. Each journey. My visual escape with intent. To travel, even if the distance is short by a city’s Metra train, is to expand your world. To travel is to change your viewpoint. To change your state of mind. To travel is to see the world beyond your immediate reality. To travel is to dream. To wish. Collecting moments that last a lifetime. To take yourself on a journey.  And that is a beautiful and worthwhile experience and venture.

“I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more”

– Thomas Jefferson

My Destination...Chicago
My Destination…Chicago

And of these train journey’s of mine? Solo.  For it is when you travel alone that you gain deeper insights and clarity. Moments to be alone in the vastness of your changing surrounds. There is comfort. There is peace in being alone.  Confidently moving forward wherever your feet may take you. That is just what each journey provided. A path for me to wander freely through the city streets. My own journey to discover and in the process, discover more about myself in the process. I was once told that Chicago was an escape for me. That it is and will always be.  But again, we have the choice to expand our world and be exposed to more than what is immediate in our worlds. Create the state; don’t wait.  I choose to loose myself in what gives me joy and inspiration. The city of Chicago. Onward in that. One day it may be a different city.  Change always lies ahead. 2016 was full of change for me.  Embrace the changes and forge onward, always.

Years ago, upon graduating college, I was asked to provide a quote for incoming freshman. Simply stated, it still stands true today for me and has followed me as a constant truth through the years:

Learn as much as you can.
Expand your horizons, and be yourself.

Opportunity. Opportunity to learn, to grow, to expand our horizons.  All the while being confident in who you are. Always being true to yourself. That therein is a beautiful life goal. Every day is truly a gift. Every day is ours to discover and embrace. Always seek to find something beautiful. Something inspiring. Perspective, indeed…

Train Tickets To Chicago:  May, June, July & August 2016
Train Tickets To Chicago: May, June, July & August 2016
Train Tickets To Chicago:  September, October, November & December 2016
Train Tickets To Chicago: September, October, November & December 2016

As a year ends and a New Year is about to begin, I challenge you to seek inspiration in the New Year. Move outside of what is familiar and move forward into the unknown in search of expanding your horizon.  Onward. There is always a ticket waiting to be purchased. A means of travel awaiting you. A destination of your own choice is around the horizon. Sometimes, it is merely a simple and short train ride away…



Inspiration:  What Moves Me
Inspiration: What Moves Me

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Chicago and Me. 2016
Chicago and Me. 2016

City Inspirations Year In Review: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago 2016

January, February, March & April 2016
January, February, March & April 2016

City inspirations. A year in review. A year of fashionable visuals photographed from behind my lens and compiled to inspire.  Three years of photographing a city and its fashionable windows each month. The Windy City of Chicago and art of fashion. A monthly journey to the great city with the purpose and intent to capture fashion’s changing scene. The essence of each month’s visual and fashionable change. A visual journey of fashionable form and fashionable style. The art of visual merchandising. Whether timeless and classic or whimsical fantasy, fashion continues to inspire and excite.  My love and appreciation for fashion continues.  Enduringly so…from behind the lens.

For all of those that have followed along in my visual journey, onward into a New Year of fashion ahead in Chicago.  Fortunate am I to have access to this great city by Lake Michigan. To endure the seasons of this city over time holds a treasure in my memories of each one of these monthly jaunts.  I recall them with fondness.  Moments in time of fashion captured from behind the lens of a camera.  Fashion, onward...

May, June, July & August 2016
May, June, July & August 2016
September, October, November & December 2016
September, October, November & December 2016

Below…the months in review. One of the many compilations of fashionable style composed in each month.  Follow the links to view the full monthly post for further inspiration.

Fashion's Windows Of Chicago In January
Fashion’s Windows Of Chicago/January 2016

January 2016

Fashionable Windows In February 2016
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago/February 2016

February 2016

Fashionable Windows In March 2016
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago/March 2016

March 2016

Fashionable Windows In Chicago April 2016
Fashionable Windows In Chicago /April 2016

April 2016

Fashionable Windows In May 2016
Fashionable Windows  Of Chicago/May 2016

May 2016

Fashionable Windows In June 2016
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago /June 2016

June 2016

Fashionable Windows In July 2016
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago /July 2016

July 2016

Fashionable Windows In August 2016
Fashionable Windows/August 2016

August 2016

Fashionable Windows In September 2016
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago/September 2016

September 2016

Fashionable Windows In October
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago/October 2016

October 2016

Fashionable Windows In November 2016
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago /November 2016

November 2016

Fashionable Windows In December 2016
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago/December 2016

December 2016

Consider with appreciation the fashionable world that surrounds you. With a renewed perspective, look closer at the visuals presented. An art form of window dressing with mannequins of visual delight. A changing form of fashion. Perspective of time and place in a world, like fashion, that is constantly changing. At the close of a year, a New Year awaits. It is with anticipation that I await the windows of fashion’s changing scene. Always from behind the lens. Always with appreciation. And always, Onward



“Fashion changes but style endures”- Coco Chanel

Behind the Lens...Selfie
Behind the Lens…Chicago Selfie 2016

Gratitude on Thanksgiving…

Gratitudes and Thankfulness
Gratitudes and Thankfulness

“Thankfulness is the beginning of Happiness” – Anon.

Thanksgiving.  Simply stated.  Gratitude.  Perhaps there is no other moment during the year when we are urged to contemplate and find gratitude.  Thankfulness.  What a wonderful virtue and focus to find appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness for our life and the gifts within our life.  Gratitude really does turn what we have into enough.  May your Thanksgiving holiday serve as a reminder to you today, and each and every day, that thankfulness truly is the beginning of happiness. Onward in that.  Onward in appreciation, thankfulness and gratitude…



“Legendary Style” & Timeless Icons Of Fashion: Tiffany’s & Christy Turlington

Tiffany's & Christy Turlington:  Legendary Style Campaign Fall 2016
Tiffany’s & Christy Turlington: Legendary Style Campaign Fall 2016

Christy Turlington and Tiffany’s. A perfect pairing.  It is termed that “Legendary” is to be remarkable enough to be famous or very well known and that “Style” is a manner of doing or presenting things. “Legendary Style” paired together with an object and a woman is Tiffany’s stunning visual campaign for Fall of 2016.

Not a new topic of focus from my archives of the era of the Supermodel, it is Christy Turlington who has remained as an enduring icon of the art of the model to me. In October of 2013 I applauded the Return To The Cover: “Iconic Supermodels” Gracing Harper’s Bazaar (which paired with the distinctive beauty of another enduring icon of modeling, the striking Linda Evangelista). For certain, iconic style repeats with iconic models. Another photographic visual of modern elegance paired with minimalism in design, indeed.  Christy Turlington has always seemed to represent timeless yet modern elegance.   A perfect union with the Fall 2016 campaign launch by Tiffany’s

“I am sort of a less is more kind of girl and I love to just pick something I love and just wear it”.
“When I hear Tiffany I think iconic. I think New York. I think modern.   
When I hear Tiffany I think forever”

– Christy Turlington, Tiffany’s Fall Campaign 2016

Christy & Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti

Christy & The Tiffany T

To appreciate the artistry of the Fall 2016 Campaign for Tiffany’s a short film and documentary entitled “Some Style Is Legendary” directed by Oscar®-nominated, and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler (also director of The September Issue) certainly deserves a viewing.  Inspiring, for certain. In search of a new creative marketing brand campaign, Tiffany’s paired with creative partner, Grace Coddington, an esteemed fashion editor for 50 years and creative director at large for American Vouge magazine. Coddington sought a “Very modern Tiffany’s because I think the jewelry is super modern”

“For generations, Tiffany has defined the true meaning of legendary style. For our latest campaign, we set out to find the best creative talents both behind and in front of the camera, to present our iconic collections. Who better than Grace Coddington, a style legend in her own right, to serve as our creative partner.”

-Caroline Naggiar, chief brand officer, Tiffany & Co

Creative Partner For Tiffany's, The Fashion Editor Icon, Grace Coddington
Creative Partner For Tiffany’s, The   Fashion Editor Icon, Grace Coddington

With a goal of modernity “In a major way”, Coddington found her inspiration from past close up images of model Kate moss taken against a blue background by photographer David Simms. In the short film documentary, Coddington described the color blue, New York and of course, Tiffany’s.

“Blue is a very extraordinary color.  It’s a very positive color”- Grace Coddington

“I always say “why do I love New York?” its because the sky is always blue.                                               It’s an extraordinary city because it is old and yet its also incredibly new.
In a funny way that is how you can describe Tiffany’s. It’s old and its new. It’s not ever going to be slotted into one century or another, I think.   It’s sort of endless.” – Grace Coddington

Oh, so well stated….

Regarding the photographic campaign, Coddington stated “I like when its really simple and straightforward
 Thus Coddington’s aim to “Express a moment in a photograph” and present an image that is “Just a moment’ was certainly successful.  In the end, Grace Coddington certainly achieved  her goal of keeping it modern and expressing a moment.
“I wanted something that when you to flip through the pages of a magazine it will stop you. And I think that the images stop you. Indeed, they do, Grace. Thank you for your artistry and the modern yet timeless elegance in advertising of Tiffany & Company. For certain, Legendary Icons, indeed

Tiffany's Advertisements & The Timeless Christy Turlington
Tiffany’s Advertisements & The Timeless Christy Turlington
Legendary Style & Timeless Icons:  Tiffany's & Christy Turlington
Legendary Style & Timeless Icons: Tiffany’s & Christy Turlington


Of course, a nod to the three other distinctive and beautiful women selected by Grace Coddington who mark the Fall 2016 Campaign with distinctive appeal. In full color against the “Tiffany Blue” hue. Impact of beauty and legendary style, for certain.

“The authentic, powerful portraits include Oscar®-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, actress Elle Fanning, as well as maternal health advocate and model Christy Turlington Burns, and model Natalie Westling wearing Tiffany jewelry and photographed by David Sims. Mirroring the print campaign is a cinematic black and white video series directed by Sims, where each woman shares her interpretation of legendary style. Chosen for being true originals, this talented cast wears iconic Tiffany designs that reflect both their style and identity.”
-Tiffany’s press release/2016 Legendary Style Campaign


Natalie Westling,Lupita Nyong'o and Elle Fanning
Natalie Westling,Lupita Nyong’o and Elle Fanning

Personally, of all the images in the campaign, it is the images of the iconic Christy Turlington that garners my focus yet again. On selecting Christy Turlington for the campaign Coddington shares that “She’s the most beautiful woman in the world”. Christy simply perfects Coddington’s goal of a subliminal visual of a jewelry advertisement and yet keeping it very modern. Beyond an object and a woman the concept of legendary remains. Tiffany & Co. has proven itself to be enduring, timeless and “Old and new” at the same time. Evolution of a legend. Evolution of style. Evolution of fashionable embellishments that endure to appeal to the Modern woman. Timeless, onward.

“Women of substance, sophistication and style have worn Tiffany jewelry throughout the company’s 180-year history. The campaign imagery captures the way in which Tiffany designs transcend time, transforming the wearer and irrevocably changing the way they move through the world”
-Tiffany & Co.

Appreciation of a model and a timeless emblem of fashion that both move forward in modernity of elegance and simplicity. Bravo, Coddington and Tiffany & Co.  So it was on Magnificent Mile of Chicago, outside our very own Chicago Tiffany & Co.,  when I spotted Christy Turlington gracing a bus stop poster against the robin blue hue of Tiffany’s iconic blue.  Determined to bring further attention to both icons, it is my hope that this acknowledgement of a jewelry campaign and a model provides appreciation.  The art of fashion and timeless elegance.  Elegance will always endure…with a fresh dash of modernity, indeed.



Chicago's Magnificent Mile & Fashionable Style:  Christy Turlington & Tiffany's
Chicago’s Magnificent Mile & Fashionable Style: Christy Turlington & Tiffany’s

PS: Blue, Tiffany blue, is a very extraordinary Color. New York is an extraordinary city. Christy Turlington is an extraordinary model and Tiffany’s is timeless. Old & New, onward. -Kristin

First Impressions: The Entry Table

Impact Of First Impressions:  The Entry Table
Impact Of First Impressions: The Entry Table

The entry table. A statement of its own, it is part of the first impression of the personal style of the home. A focal point, indeed. Providing options for display and self expression, the entry table grounds the space. The view from the entry matters not. Whether a sweeping staircase is on view or the table merely resides inside a small hallway, personal style and distinction paired with function is added to the space. The entry  itself may be a small space, yet it is an important space. Leading guests inside one’s home to experience the interior and the architecture found within, the entry and its table is key in providing a first impression that is vital from a guest’s perspective. After all, a functional entryway that is stylized to match the personality of the home’s decorator engages those that enter and may even cause a wish to linger…

A foyer ( in French) is described as a large, specially designed hall or corridor surrounding a main hall. Yet a hall that is furnished large enough to accommodate those that gather and enter within. In a home, the foyer is usually a small entry area of room, near the front door, and often near a main stairway. Of note, the “foyer” was initially intended as an “airlock” space separating the heated, rooms kept warm with fireplaces, from the cold weather elements exposed from the front door.  Serving as “A bridge between public and private spaces”, indeed.

The elegant, formal and notable entry foyer may have gone in and out of fashion with the world of changing design, yet its initial purpose and function with its formality will never fade from timeless design. The elegance of ushering in quests into the foyer will never loose its appeal. The entry is never a wasted space, but holding a grandness and elegance that will always live on in the world of construction and design.  Yet if the world you reside within is missing this grand formal entryway, a wall is simply all you need.  Create the state.  In style.  The options are many, the style is yours.  Own it boldly and present to the world the unique version of you.  At the current moment.  For as time evolves, we do, too.  Onward in creating a personal statement….

Visual Appeal:  The  First Impression Entry Table
Visual Appeal: The First Impression Entry Table
A Timeless Fixture Of Function:  The Entry Table
A Timeless Fixture Of Function: The Entry Table
Function Of Purpose:  The Entry Table
Function Of Purpose: The Entry Table
Entry Table:  Purpose & Function With Stylish Display
Entry Table: Purpose & Function With Stylish Display
First Impact:  The Entry Table
First Impact: The Entry Table
Display & Purpose:  The Entry Table
Display & Purpose: The Entry Table
Entries: The Useful & Decorative Entry Table
Entries: The Useful & Decorative Entry Table
Visual Appeal At The Entry:  The Entry Table
Visual Appeal At The Entry: The Entry Table
Colorful & Bold Appeal:  The First Welcome; The Entry Table
Colorful & Bold Appeal: The First Welcome; The Entry Table
First Impressions Of Welcoming Impact: The Entry Table
First Impressions Of Welcoming Impact: The Entry Table
The Entry & Its Focal Point: The Entry Table
The Entry & Its Focal Point: The Entry Table

Rethink how your entry is on display to those that enter its domain. How you layer and stylize your entry table is personal. Again, form and function. Yet decorating the foyer with an accessorized entry table of  personal style will certainly add appeal. Whether a true foyer or a simple hallway with a doorway, it is more than a space that you simply pass through on your way to somewhere else in a home. It is the first impression. The first and last. Make it welcoming. Make it your statement.  Personal style, indeed.