City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In August

Fashionable Chicago In August

Chicago. There is something about August that brings our attention quickly to the pending change of Autumn that lies ahead. Perhaps there’s a yearning for denim (Oh, I adore denim). A yearning for layers of fashionable style. Alas, perhaps not beyond the cool, crisp Autumnal days of Winter white that loom in the distance, but the beautiful days of Autumn that will precede. Fall. My personal favorite time of the year. The windows of Chicago change, once again, to match the season that seems to be arriving. As I embarked the city streets, camera in hand, I was reminded again that with any season it is the details of fashion and the fashionable form that continue to energize me. City life, city fashion, city style. Onward to fashionable changes ahead…

Fashion & The City: The Magnificent Mile
Burberry: Denim & Style
Details Of Style: Burberry
Fashionable Windows Of Chicago
Celebration Of Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue
Deep Hues Of Color: Saks Fifth Avenue
Fashionable Details: Saks Fifth Avenue
Stella McCartney & Saks Fifth Avenue
Fashion & The Mannequin: Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus: Details Of Style & Form
Tweed Style: Chanel
Fashionable Details Of Chanel
Max Mara Style
Fashionable Max Mara

Consider the fashionable world that surrounds. If only for inspiration of the art form itself. The world that surrounds us can daily inspire us. It is changing constantly, as we are. Appreciation of the art forms found within the energizing city life endures to move me forward. Onward, always.



The City Apartment…Smaller Spaces With Maximized Style

Small Spaces: Interior Style

The city apartment. For those of us that have or currently dwell in apartments above a city…this collection of images is for you and for those whose aim is to take to the heights with a less-is-more approach to possessions. For me, perhaps reminiscing about one’s early days in the city is a worthwhile recollection.  Memories of growth and independence, for certain. Without a doubt, one’s first city apartment surely holds memories of being “young, optimistic and resilient”.  Perhaps when one looks back it is with an awareness that happiness was and is certainly not equated with the size of one’s space.  Rather, personal style knows no limit by square footage. Personal style can truly begin from the humble first apartments that sit high above and amidst the city surrounds. At least, this was true for me.  City havens that find our personality, that inspire our creativity and our inventive spirit to call the four walls we dwell within our personal perfection. The city apartment. High in style within a city and world that surrounds that is constantly moving.

Perhaps there is no other interior space that requires a “Less is more” approach (courtesy of architect Mies van der Rohe) to what surrounds than in the four walls of a city apartment. Of note, Mies van der Rohe adopted the motto “Less is more” to describe his “aesthetic of arranging necessary components of a building to create an impression of extreme simplicity. Every element and detail is to serve multiple visual and functional purposes”.  Oh, so true when we look to our interiors. Large or small. Especially within the square footage of a city space. Perhaps it can also be said that filling such a space aligns itself as “the art of things chosen well rather than often”.  Surrounding oneself with the things that have meaning and purpose and that are part of who we are today. Quality vs. quantity, indeed. Alas, less is more.

“Good style is good editing” – Thomas Jayne

Whether a small studio or a spacious, multi-room apartment with heightened ceilings, personal style pairs with purpose and function, scale and proportion. Each room presenting a clearly defined purpose with careful attention to space planning and arrangement of the furnishings that gain our permission to fill the space.  For some, it is minimalism. For others it is filling a space with curated belongings collected through the years. Of course, editing is key in order to allow a space to feel more spacious while giving significance to the items that remain. Significance, the key word. It is said that the best rooms have a refinement of taste and that simplicity is the essence of style.  Designer and novelist Edith Wharton (1862-1937) once said that “The supreme excellence is simplicity”.  Oh, indeed. That said, the key to any interior is making the space you have work for you. Tailored to suit your lifestyle. Designing each room for maximum use while incorporating elements that reflect your personal interests and style within the space you reside within.   Style & taste cannot be defined by the size of a room. Square footage does not matter.  We only have the space we have…cheers to living with what is truly important, in stylish and refined form…

Collected images to inspire.  May you find inspiration and appreciation for the city apartment. City love and city style, onward…

Small Spaces: City living Love
City Style Within The Interior
City Spaces Of Interior Style
Style & The City Apartment
Interior Style: Apartment Living
Simple Delights: City Living
Personal Style Inside City Walls
Style In The City
City Apartments: Four Walls Of Style
City Apartment Style
Stylish Spaces: City Bound
City Love: Interior Style With Smaller Spaces
City Style: Within 4 Walls Of A City Apartment
High On Style: The City Apartment
Personalized Spaces High Above City Streets
City Style
Living Above A City: The City Apartment

Interior Delights Of Personalized City Spaces
Striking Spaces: City Style

“A gem of a house may not be its size at all, but its lines are honest and its painting and window curtains in good taste”- Emily Post

Consider with appreciation the city apartment and the stylish spaces that do not require much square footage but simply personal style.  Again, Style & taste cannot be defined by the size of a room.   So to those that adore the city and the life within it, bravo to creating refined style in smaller spaces.  Style cannot be limited by size.  Onward in that…with style.



My 1st City Apartment: A Chicago Studio/ 1994

“My space is small. My life is big”.

Reflections….a personal visual homage to my first city apartment.   A small studio off Lake Shore Drive in a vintage 3-story apartment building.  A homage with a few excerpts of my written words while living in that space:

“It’s morning. The traffic of horns awoke me. The overcast Chicago sky provides enough daylight so that even the details of the tall ceiling with its double edged rim of white crown molding speak of the history, charm and simplicity of this studio of mine. The wood floor surrounding me shines with a golden glow. When my eyes focus on the walls before me and around me, I see the basic designs; the simple display of the pieces the comprise my life, as yet.  A table holding a few silver photo frames. A lounge chair that makes a statement all its own. A bed that becomes a day bed by day.  A pair of silver candlesticks on the mantle and candles below awaiting a match to alight the beauty of the marble hearth before them. Oh, the outlined form and subdued details of the fireplace in relief forms of dancing cupids outlining it in elegance.  The wirework basket holding black and white matted photographs of architecture taken from behind my lens.  The bathroom with its stemmed porcelain basin of white,  tub and mirrored cabinets. Towels of pure white. The marble window ledge covered with silver bowls filled with lipstick and flanked by bottles of fragrance. Each part of this studio so close to my heart. The kitchen and its black and white checked floor with a wrought iron bistro table. The large window with a view of Lake Michigan and the traffic of Lake Shore Drive.  The expansive window ledge where the coffee bodum awaits my morning brew.  A simple black and white picture of New York City dotting the wall. Simplicity.  Filled with all essential pieces to me. Basic and indispensible. Representing and defining who I am; who I have become. The closet, lined with cotton broadcloth and denim shirts and black blazers in a neat row. Stacks of sweaters, denim jeans and v-neck white tees on the shelf.  A stack of books atop the built-in 3 chest drawer filled with essentials. The simple silver pull chain cord above for the closet light.  The door. The mirror behind apartment 3G. What will I remember about this studio apartment of mine? It will always live on in spirit.  None will be like this. A chapter in my life…”   -Kristin Abrahamsen, Chicago 1994

Personal Details: The city Window/My Bathroom /1994

City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In April

Fashionable Windows In April

Chicago in April. Perhaps it is April when the reality of Spring’s awakening is truly upon us. Spring blooms arrive late in Chicago.  Yet when they do arrive the blooms are breathtaking and rejuvenate those that strut the streets of style and the city itself. To appreciate Spring in a city that anticipates its arrival with heightened awareness is to even further appreciate the gift each day brings…

Spring’s Blooms & Chicago’s Cloud Gate

The windows of fashion once again change to beckon passerby’s with the seasonal shift towards warmer days. Neutrals of classic whites paired with infusions of pastel and floral bliss welcome Spring. Spring green, onward.  Onward to the images captured from behind my lens. A continual monthly visual of fashionable appeal from the streets of high fashion of the great, Windy City of Chicago. Fashion and photography compiled to inspire…

Spring Green On Michigan Avenue: H&M Visual Delights
Neiman Marcus & The Striking Mannequins Of High Style
Black On White Delights: Neiman Marcus
Stylish Form Behind The Windows Of Neiman Marcus
Michael Kors: Floral Delights
Floral Infusion: Michael Kors
Spring Appeal At Kate Spade
Barney’s & Alaia, Paris
Oscar De La Renta Behind Saks 5th Avenue
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
Spring’s Floral Fusion: Macy’s State Street
White & Creamy Nuetrals: Ralph Lauren
Jil Sander: Neutral Lineup
Burberry’s: The Classic Trench
Burberry’s: The Classic Trench
“White is Always Right”: Classic Max Mara
Max Mara Style On Michigan Avenue
Chartreuse & Bright Plum: Visual Delights From Max Mara
Fashionable Windows Of Style: Max Mara
Fashionable City Love: Chicago & Max Mara

Oh, for the love of fashion. For the love of a city. For the love of the mannequins of fashionable form that beckon my lens continually. Inspiration a constant. Change is a constant. Consistently do I aim to inspire with sharing images from behind my camera each month. Fashion and the city. May the arrival of Spring inspire you to appreciate the artistry of visual merchandising and the art of fashion itself.  Fashion’s seasonal change awaits. Onward in being inspired no matter where you reside.



Fashionable Reflection: Plumage & The Photographer

City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In December

From the Windows Of Chicago:  Fashion In December
From the Windows Of Chicago: Fashion In December

Chicago in December. Magical. Although my early December trek through the Windy City was not in the full swing and frenzy of the mass of Holiday shoppers as it would be in late December, the streets were certainly filled with those pondering or embarking upon their Christmas and Holiday lists. The holiday season in the great city of Chicago. Excitement always fills the air when one ventures onto the streets of any city. Yet the holidays seem to bring a different festive spirit that is fueled by the festooned buildings and lighted trees bedecked in holiday greens with twinkling lights…city wonderment, indeed…

Bedecked With Holiday Greens & Lights:  The Chicago Tribune Building, Michigan Avenue
Bedecked With Holiday Greens & Lights: The Chicago Tribune Building, Michigan Avenue

The embellishment of crimson red and boughs of pine against the backdrop of Chicago was a stunning view to behold. For certain, I adore this city in all seasons.

Oh, how I love and adore this city and the color red…

Chicago In December
Chicago In December

Of the fashion that filled the windows through the city and on the Magnificent Mile? Delightful. Some more festive than others, but each a representational of holiday flare and style. Fashion and its season’s presented in a visual compilation from behind my lens…

I begin with Holiday fantasy behind the windows of Neiman Marcus…Cheers to the mannequin and the artistry of visual merchandising!  “A little bit of  fantasy…”, indeed…

Fantasy & Fashion:  Neiman Marcus Elegance
Fantasy & Fashion: Neiman Marcus Elegance
Holiday Elegance Behind The Windows Of Neiman Marcus
Holiday Elegance Behind The Windows Of Neiman Marcus
Enticing Windows Of Holiday Appeal:  Neiman Marcus
Enticing Windows Of Holiday Appeal: Neiman Marcus
Enticing Windows Of Holiday Appeal:  Neiman Marcus
Enticing Windows Of Holiday Appeal: Neiman Marcus
Louis Vuitton...Holiday Style
Louis Vuitton…Holiday Style
White & Black: Winter Delights
White & Black: Winter Delights
Michael Kors:  Shiny, Bright & Classic
Michael Kors: Shiny, Bright & Classic
Moncler:  Winter Delights In Tweed & Fur
Moncler: Winter Delights In Tweed & Fur
Prada:  Holiday Delights Of Fashionable Appeal
Prada: Holiday Delights Of Fashionable Appeal
Holiday Style: Prada Style
Holiday Style: Prada Style
Macy's State Street:  Homage To Chicago
Macy’s State Street: Homage To Chicago
Macy's State Street:  Homage To Chicago
Macy’s State Street: Homage To Chicago
Macy's State Street:  Homage To Chicago
Macy’s State Street: Homage To Chicago
Party Ready At Hugo Boss
Party Ready At Hugo Boss
Red, Red Delight:  Burberry
Red, Red Delight: Burberry
From The Windows Of Burberry...
From The Windows Of Burberry…
Salvatore Ferragamo:  Red & Gold Delights
Salvatore Ferragamo: Red & Gold Delights
Golden Treasures:  Salvatore Ferragamo
Golden Treasures: Salvatore Ferragamo
“Land Of 1,000 Delights”….Magic Behind Saks Fifth Avenue
Golden Delights:  Saks Fifth Avenue's Holiday Style
Golden Delights: Saks Fifth Avenue’s Holiday Style
Golden Palms Behind Tommy Bahama
Golden Palms, Comfort & Holiday Style
Max Mara:  An Abstract Holiday
Max Mara: An Abstract Holiday

A word about the windows of Max Mara. Typically my favorite windows.  Yet unexpected was the abstract Holiday window in unexpected hues. Regardless, Holiday-esque it certainly alludes to. And of the white and black topped hats? A love behind my lens, for certain…

The Fashionable Windows Of Max Mara
The Fashionable Windows Of Max Mara
The Fashionable Windows Of Max Mara
The Fashionable Windows Of Max Mara
Black & White Delight:  Max Mara
Black & White Delight: Max Mara
Black & White Delight:  Max Mara
Black & White Delight: Max Mara
Style & A City Reflected:  Max Mara
Style & A City Reflected: Max Mara
Stylish Impact:  Max Mara
Stylish Impact: Max Mara
Stylish Toppers, Max Mara Style
Stylish Toppers, Max Mara Style

Perhaps beyond the Holiday visual, a visual conjured up of an escape to warmer temperatures behind the windows of Chanel on Michigan Avenue…

The Windows Of Chanel...
The Windows Of Chanel…
Walk This Way:  Chanel
Walk This Way: Chanel
Tod's Circus:  Defining Visual Of Style
Tod’s Circus: Defining Visual Of Style
Snow White Behind Tom Ford
Snow White Behind Tom Ford
Crimson Red & Escada Style
Crimson Red & Escada Style
Fashion Captured From Behind My Lens...In Black & White
Fashion Captured From Behind My Lens…In Black & White

From behind the lens my eye will never tire to seek and capture a mere visual of the artistry of fashion and its windows that seek to beckon those that pass by. Onward to another year of capturing fashion and a city ahead. For one who has photographed the fashionable windows of Chicago every single month for over 3 years…onward!

Inspiration and fashion, Onward, indeed…




“Photography can only represent the present.  Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past”- Berenice Abbott

Reflected:  Fashion & The Photographer's Selfie
Myself Captured in Reflection: Fashion & The Photographer’s Selfie.

City Inspirations: Chicago In June

Chicago In June

Chicago in June. Yesterday found me venturing by train into the city of Chicago. As always, seeking inspiration and rejuvenation from the city by Lake Michigan. Surveying the changes a city takes on during the season of Summer’s arrival, onward I walked and walked. My camera and I. As the Summer’s heat infiltrated the city streets, the appreciation of the gusts of air conditioning from the storefront open doors seemed to lure the passerby’s inwards. Perhaps seeking a quick relief from the sudden heat or perhaps seeking inspiration with a wallet filled with planned weekend splurges. Summer shopping at its best. Color bursting from the store windows added visual “pops” of inspiration. As always, the architectural details are always a lure for my camera lens, no matter the season.

Architectural Jewels On Michigan Avenue:  Embellished With Greenery
Architectural Jewels On Michigan Avenue: Embellished With Greenery

The city in June is embellished with “green” life. Palms graced the city scape, visually evoking the essence of Summer. Ivy laden structures seemed to lure a closer look of appreciation, providing a lush cover upon distinctive architecture. Beckoning me, for certain.

Al Fresco Dining In Chicago
Al Fresco Dining In Chicago

And of Summer’s arrival? In a season where outdoor seating beckons the Chicagoans who have long awaited the sultry weather of Summer, the beach also calls for attention….

Oak Street Beach, Chicago
Oak Street Beach, Chicago

A quick venture to Oak Street Beach was in order. In walking distance off Michigan Avenue’s prime retail mile, the scene at the lakefront was one of weekend Summertime bliss. Chicago is truly at its best with its Summertime appeal. Sand, sun and the lake breeze paired with a bright blue sky sublimely affirms that life is beautiful. Life is certainly about seizing each moment and each season…

So, yet again, I ventured into the city that I adore seeking inspiration while gaining an opportunity for my thoughts to flow. And flow they did. Clarity. Living within the reach of Chicago is a gift. Validation of the benefit of living in the Midwest. Chicagoans embrace and relish their city with a strong passion during the transformation of their city within the Summer months. And of the tourists that have begun to infiltrate the city by the lake in droves? I, too, am one of them. With the exception that I claim the city as a past Chicagoan, as I have lived within the city and worked within the Magnificent Mile. Yet, with the tourists, I become one of them, melding into the backdrop of the crowds that walk the city streets.

But my focus? With my camera in hand, continually seeking and capturing inspiration. Spontaneous expression. From behind the lens….

Cheers to the beginning of Summer in Chicago!