City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In December

Fashionable Chicago

Fashionable Chicago in December. Holiday style, captured.  Another year, from behind the lens, comes to a close. Fashion off the city streets of Chicago. Never the same. So it is with a love of the fashionable windows that I continue to put forth the images that inspire me of fashion’s art. The mannequin and the fashionable changes that drape them. We do what we love, in the end. Perhaps these blog posts of monthly fashionable journeys are visuals that I can recall with delight. That therein is enough reason to capture, compile and publish quietly to the world.  Has it been 5 years of never missing a month in sharing these fashionable images from the city streets of Chicago? Alas, time flies.  As we contemplate and review another years end, it is with thought, consideration and passion that we choose to move forward. It is the only direction.

For the love of what inspires us, onward…

City Scene: Michigan Avenue in December
Tiffany’s Visual Delight
Cartier’s Holiday Fantasy
Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Style
Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Style
Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Style
Celebratory Louis Vuitton

Oh, for the love of Max Mara’s windows. It endures. Perhaps it is the timeless simplicity that the visuals bring forth. But of this December’s windows I must comment on the nod to fashion’s past. Stylish toppers that recall fashionable yesteryear of classic feminine style. In classic black, indeed…

Nod To Fashion’s Past: Max Mara
Max Mara Style In Classic Black
Max Mara: Classic Style In Timeless Black
My Personal Love Affair: Max Mara Windows In Classic Black
Max Mara: Topped In Style
Max Mara
Holiday Color Pop: Max Mara

So it was pure delight to see the Parisian flare reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s French Riviera style and the Breton stripe shirt.   My favorite fashion icon, for certain. Timeless. Cheers, Max Mara, for another classic display.

Max Mara: Striped Delight With A French Flair
New Year’s Nod, Macy’s State Street

Consider what inspires you. Follow it. For in the end, as each day is a gift, it is the joys the delight us that should layer our worlds. So the city streets, the city itself and the changing fashion that represents the season and the art of fashion are a few of my delights that give me immense delight. Onward in the New Year, from behind the lens. A new perspective ahead. Perhaps a new fashionable perspective from behind the lens, too. Change is always good. After all, there is no change unless something changes. Onward in that.



Photographer In The Reflection, “Selfie”

City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In June

City Inspirations:  Chicago In June

On a June morning in which dense fog initially filled the skies and settled closely into the city surrounds, I arrived to the great city of Chicago by train. Fog and occasional mists couldn’t penetrate the excitement that the city streets provide. Inspiration abounds. On this trip, I again sought inspiration from the windows of fashion’s visual display. Through my lens the large glass panes that create a reflection of the city streets behind me added to the appeal. Changing visuals set before me and those that pass by on the sidewalks that line the “Magnificent Mile” of Michigan Avenue. Changing scenery that monthly lures me back to seek and capture from behind my lens the art of fashion. Timeless elements as well as trends that beckon the of-the-moment fashion seekers. Appreciation either way. Of course, my focus on fashion’s art form is continual. The art of the mannequin, indeed…

Foggy Day In Chicago In June
Foggy Day In Chicago In June

Although fashion’s forward thinking presented Fall impressions of pending appeal, alas, it is the warmth of the Summer Season that is upon us and beckons us to remove layers and bask in the Summer sunshine we have so eagerly anticipated. Particularly for those of us in the Midwest. Relishing the warmth, for certain.

And of my favorite windows that my attention and my lens focussed upon during this June journey through the city streets of Chicago? Ralph Lauren’s windows of luxury and comfort. A neutral delight. Beige and creamy hues of fashionable and textural bliss paired with elegance. Typical Ralph Lauren. Lifestyle visually stated, for certain.

Ralph Lauren/Michigan Avenue:  Neutral Delight
Ralph Lauren/Michigan Avenue: Neutral Delight

Of course, there are the windows of the Chanel Boutique. This month Chanel’s windows presented a fashionable representation of an American road trip, Chanel style, complete with an American flag bunting dotted with the iconic logo of the interlocking double “C’s”. With a hint of Fall’s future, the window’s also provided Seasonal inspiration paired with the textural and layered interest. Beckoning my lens, indeed.

Chanel Boutique/Michigan Avenue:  "American Road Trip" Chanel Style
Chanel Boutique/Michigan Avenue: “American Road Trip” Chanel Style
Fashionable Windows:  Chicago In June
Fashionable Windows: Chicago In June

Consider the windows of fashion to inspire you. Whether it is accessories of high style, the style ensembles presented or the mere fantasy that fashion represents, an appreciation of the windows of fashion is certainly worthwhile. A changing art form in which I continually seek to find timeless elements among the trends. As Coco Chanel famously stated, “Fashion changes, but style endures”. A visual appreciation of fashion’s windows, indeed…


Reflections In The Window: Kristin Paglialong, "Behind The Lens"/Chicago
Reflections In The Window: Myself, “Behind The Lens”/Chicago

Fashion’s Timeless Allure Of Wearing White

Elegance & Crispness In Pure White
Elegance & Crispness In Pure White

Pure white. Is there any other color as refreshing and pure as white? White certainly holds a crisp, fresh and light appeal. Like a clean, blank canvas the versatility of white seems to beckon us. (As a side note, I have already paid homage to the great white shirt in a previous post, “The Understated Elegance Of The White Shirt”, for there is nothing quite like the elegance of a crisp, sharp white shirt). Perhaps as with the change of seasons, the appeal of wearing white in the Summer seems to proclaim the arrival of the season’s warmest days. Rising temperatures seem to equate the desire for wearing ‘summer whites’. But alas, white is stunning during all seasons. Versatile in a Summer wardrobe or even in the depths of Winter. Striking with its clean and bright simplicity, it is no wonder that we are drawn to wearing white.

“White” is described as the color the eye sees when it looks at light. Containing all the “wavelengths of the visible spectrum, at full brightness and without absorption”, the color white is said to not possess a hue. Interesting. Yet a hue of great consideration in the realm of fashion, it is! As a symbol, white is the opposite of black and a contrast of light and darkness. The color itself is often associated with neutrality, lightness, a beginning, new, perfection, honesty, goodness and exactitude. Exactitude. When one choosing to adorn oneself in layers of white, perhaps there is an exactitude of intent. Although colorless, there is a bold statement present. I believe, one of elegance…

And of the color white in history? In ancient Egypt, the color white was linked with the goddess Isis and her priests and priestesses, who wore only white linen. In ancient Rome, white was referred to as “Albus” (a plain white) and “Candidus” (a brighter white). There are variations within white, for certain. Yet it is the crisp, pure white that I focus upon. It is said that during the 18th century, under the influence of France’s Napolean Bonaparte, post the French Revolution, white became a fashionable and stylish color. That fashionable “trend” has clearly never faded. The allure of wearing white will endure onward throughout history. Pure and simple style

Pure, Crisp "White":  Fashion's Adornment Of White
Pure, Crisp “White”: Fashion’s Adornment Of White
The Timeless & Fashionable Color "White"
The Timeless & Fashionable Color “White”
Supermodel Style In White
Supermodel Style In White
Crisp Elegance:  The "White" Jacket
Crisp Elegance: The “White” Jacket

And of the timeless adornment of the “white jacket”? Following the timeless gift to the woman from iconic designers such as Dior and Chanel, the classic “white jacket” also carries with it an exactitude of style. Fashion’s allure, for certain…

The "White Jacket":  Fashion's Archives & The Enduring Influence Of Coco Chanel
The “White Jacket”: Fashion’s Archives & The Enduring Influence Of Coco Chanel
Fashion's Sharp White Style
Fashion’s Sharp White Style
Lauren Hutton:  Enduring In Classic White
Lauren Hutton: Enduring In Classic White
Pure & Elegant:  Precisely "White"
Pure & Elegant: Precisely “White”
Fashion's Archives:  Timeless White Fashion
Fashion’s Archives: Timeless White Fashion

Consider the pureness of white paired with an understated elegance of simplicity. Whether you choose to embellish yourself with an all white ensemble, or a layer of white, this versatile color will remain a foundation within your wardrobe. However the color white is incorporated into one’s personal wardrobe of style, the timeless allure to those garments of white will endure. Pure white bliss, indeed.


“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” – Coco Chanel

PS: For those that abstain from wearing white due to the possibility of coffee, wine stains or other visions of soiled effects? I say, the choice to wear white is worth the price of cleaning a garment. For as Chanel has stated, the beauty of white is “absolute”.

Interior Color Inspirations: The Classic Combination Of Black & White

Contrasts In Color:  Sharp & Crisp Black And White
Contrasts In Color: Sharp & Crisp Black And White

Black and white. A timeless classic and an enduring color combination of endless possibilities of personal statement and style. A fusion of colors that have no lack of fame in the interior or in our wardrobes, for that matter. Endless attention does this striking color combination receive, including mine. Although it is expounded upon and presented in visual form time and time again, I am compelled to gather another saturation of images and add yet another appreciation for this bold duo of color.

Stunning drama can be found within interiors that are adorned with the union of black and white. A stark contrast with pure white against the depth of ebony black brings a sophisticated elegance to any interior. No matter the preference of design style, the marriage of black and white is a statement of style, in and of itself. The simplicity yet boldness of this color union is a palette of iconic status. To further express appreciation of this combination, one can quickly acquire visual images of the icon of black and white style: fashion icon, Coco Chanel . Like the striking logo itself, the iconic emblem that represents the House Of Chanel is timeless. Certainly emanating elegance paired with bold strength. And of her interior entry hall of her country home outside Paris in Garache, France? A remarkable vision of tailored style in black and white. Classic, indeed.

Coco Chanel:  The Iconic Logo &  Her  Country Home's Entry In Garache, France
Coco Chanel: Her Country Home Entry In Garache, France & The Iconic Logo

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” – Coco Chanel

Timeless Combination:  Black & White
Timeless Combination: Black & White
Classic Sophistication In Black & White
Classic Sophistication In Black & White
Bold Simplicity:  Black & White Interiors
Bold Simplicity: Black & White Interiors
Bold & Stark: The Appeal Of Black And White Interiors
Bold & Stark: The Appeal Of Black And White Interiors
Color Combination Perfection:  The "Little Black Dress" Paired With Pearls & The Iconic Black & White Tuxedo
Color Combination Perfection: The “Little Black Dress” Paired With Pearls & The Iconic Black & White Tuxedo

Like pearls paired with the “Little Black Dress” or the classic black tuxedo paired with the stark white shirt (and of course, the black bow tie), the black and white color combination speaks elegance, sophistication and timelessness that will never go out of fashion or interior style. An enduring color combination that provides a bold background with a drama that is crisp, clean and modern yet classic style. Perfection in black and white. A perfect harmony. A bold confidence paired with the vivid intensity of personal style, indeed.


“White…is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black…God paints in many colours; but he never paints so gorgeously…as when he paints in white.” -G. K. Chesterton

“Black and white are absolute…expressing the most delicate vibration, the most profound tranquility, and unlimited profundity”. – Shiko Munakata